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? very interesting concept
? plenty of extras like housing jet packs and vehicles
? nice arena concept
? housing
? fairly easy to get started without a manual

? annoying bug that keeps a file open after you exit the game
? graphics look good but flawed
? clumsy interface
? music is repetitive and feels out of place
? lacks a solid community

The Bottom Line – Overly ambitious MMORPG with features galore.

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Endless Ages not only combines a MMORPG with a FPS but it also offers a plethora of extras that are normally highly sought after in massively multiplayer games such as a wide mixture of ranged and melee weapons jet packs hover bikes hydro crafts extensive housing and PvP tournaments. Why look for these features in different games when you can have them all in one? A game like this certainly provides you with a lot of bang for your buck.

Let’s break a few of these features down and see what makes them so fun to play. First off the most fun aspect for me of the entire game was the use of jet packs. In fact I never had so much fun moving around in a game as I did in Endless Ages. The ability to go air-born any time you want also blends well with the game’s sci-fi atmosphere. The ranged weapons also work well with the game’s theme since they are definitely on the high-tech side. Nothing works as well as a high-powered laser while shooting one of the tougher monsters from a high place like a bridge or a mountain. The ranged weapons spice up PvP combat in tournaments as well. Actually it is quite a nice touch to be able to get your death match on while inside a MMORPG. Finally housing is a great feature for any persistent game.

On the downside Endless Ages has a few minor quality issues that keep this game from being a homerun-type gaming experience. Let’s start with the first thing you see in the game the graphics. While this game sports some of the wildest colors blended together that I have ever seen in a MMORPG the real problem is that you can see obvious flaws in the graphics as you play. In addition I found the interface to perform very clumsily in some areas. For example you have to hit f8 to interact with NPCs and F1 for things like inventory accessing a store and exiting the game. Why couldn’t they have one button that interacts with all NPCs including NPCs that operate a store? Instead I hit F8 several times when wanting to talk to a NPC only to be told to hit F1 and then “Store”.

Nevertheless the most annoying quality bug comes when you are not in the game! Every single time that I play Endless Ages my system hangs up when I go to shut down for the night. I have to manually close down a file from the game using Windows Task Manager in order to shut down my PC. Thankfully this problem is being worked on as I write this review.

While all the extra features may make Endless Ages an enticing purchase for avid MMORPGers you get the feeling that the game could have been better had a much larger development team spent more time on it. Don’t get me wrong the development team did an excellent job with the resources available to them but it appears their ambition somewhat hampers the quality of the game.

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  1. Game feels kind of outdated; character models just don’t look that well and the overworld has textured graphics that just aren’t pleasant to look at. Also I think this game is closer to an MMOFPS than an MMORPG, but I’m not exactly too sure. The game features role-play elements like questing, but it also featurings elements of shooter games, so it can be a little confusing. And the game’s story seems to be the game’s weakest point since there’s not a cohesive backstory. Overall, I’d rate this game a 3/5; it’s kind of underwhelming.

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