Over the past few years, some great moves have been made for eSports. The evolution of this gaming area has finally reached the moment when eSports will count as a rightful part of the highest level of the sports industry.

Such an outcome has been expected due to the growing popularity of eSports worldwide. Yet, not everyone assumed that the activity would join the gaming world so soon. Now it is time for eSports to make another step forward and go mainstream, and the reason behind it might be making csgo betting successful.

eSports Should Enjoy Same Rights as Pro Sports

Nowadays, gaming is largely practiced almost everywhere in the world. Some adore it, while some others despise it. Anyhow, people still occasionally turn to it when they wish to have some fun.

Along with online games, sports games makes up most of the gaming activities. This comes as no surprise since billions of people regularly watch sports and enjoy playing games. To be precise, sports covers up to 40% of total gaming activities.

From the moment large eSports tournaments started attracting masses, it was clear that the trend in esports and in online gaming realm was yet to reach its peak. Once eSports had reached the professional level, the next logical step was incorporating them into gaming circles since their popularity has been standing side by side with commercial sports for quite a while now.

This move makes a lot of sense for eSports fans, as they are not quite interested in sports already available. Moreover, eSports have to join more online game markets if they wish to get noticed in the mainstream scene.

Can CS:GO Help eSports on Their Way to Glory?

While the eSports market in Europe has developed rapidly and found its place among the gamers, this industry couldn’t make it that easily in the US. However, eSports competitions kept it up and managed to become prominent across the ocean as well.

It took some time for officials to accept this, but it ultimately led to eSports going live, the first one being Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This move was very significant for eSports because of their desire to become officially accepted as the traditional games. After eight years on the market, CS:GO has become an event that generates a prize pool of more than $1 million.

Both eSports and gaming companies seem to benefit from this cooperation. Gaming companies will most definitely prosper financially, while eSports could finally get the long-desired acknowledgment worldwide.

Why eSports Strive to Swim in the Mainstream Waters?

While going mainstream doesn’t make much difference for eSports fans, players and competition organizers cannot testify the same. Although eSports have operated from a shadow for so long, the finances played a crucial role in helping this tiny revolution go mainstream from the very beginning. Right now Esports is a booming industry!

Like for any other sport out there, financial support is crucial for keeping eSports alive. If it wasn’t for sponsors and their investments, the CS:GO prize pool would never even get close to $1 million.

It is known that legitimate sports get financial boosts from numerous sources, including online game markets. For this reason, the eSports industry wants to join the crowd and show everyone that only sky’s the limit.