Sports is something that everyone will have some knowledge about even if they’re not a fan. The sporting industry is huge and has transformed over the years to enable regular people to become athletic superstars. However, as technology became more of a fixed item in our lives, the rise of electronic games began. Within this community, esports (electronic sports) started to take center stage and have recently gained global attention within the sporting and gaming world. You can now even watch esports just like you would physical sports. Online game sites like Midnite offer esports coverage, allowing you to get in on the gaming action. So, if you’re intrigued by the world of esports, keep reading and discover how they revolutionized the gaming industry.

Competition And Collaboration

Regular gaming tends to be single player and you don’t really have to make use of a team. However, in esports, you may play as part of a sports team and have to work alongside your fellow competitors. This can be quite different to standard gaming as you’re having to play co-operatively to ensure victory. Normally, you’d have to fight the villain to achieve success, but in esports, you have to work with a team to beat the opposing one. This method of playing makes esports a very collaborative type of gaming, enabling you to rely on your teammates to get you through to the end. Because of the success that esports has reached, more regular games are now looking to bring some of these elements into their own creations. For instance, shooter games allow you to play as part of a squad and work together to seize an area. This competitive, yet collaborative approach to gaming is innovative and impressive as it gets people working together and striving to win at the same time.

VS Battles

As esports has become one of the most popular types of games, this has inevitably led to the increase of these games being released. VS battle type games are extremely common now and they’re considered in the esports world to be highly competitive. Normally, there are two players in VS battles, and they will essentially fight it out to beat the other. You can find so many tournaments dedicated to this type of esport, and they can come with some top cash prizes. The world of esports is extremely competitive in regard to developers too as they all want to put out the latest, greatest game. VS battles are one of the easier games to launch as their popularity never waivers, making them a brilliant choice of esport. These games can also stand the test of time. You just need to look at games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken to see just how popular of an esport they are and how long they’ve lasted. In fact, esports are so popular that two top gamers are going to meet in the octagon according to the Battle of the Ages announcement.

Updates And Patches

Before if there was something wrong with a game, patching and fixing it could mean you have to either A) deal with it or B) wait until the next release. But with the rise of esports and the need for things to be resolved quickly, developers will now fix issues on their platforms a lot quicker. It’s also thanks to online esport gamers that developers even find out about these issues, making the game better for everyone. Being able to fix glitches in games is essential, especially if there are tournaments happening around them. You couldn’t have the final championship game ruined because of a bug that should have been fixed. So, if you’re playing you’re favorite game and notice a problem has been fixed, you can thank esports for making the patch happen quicker.

Mobile Gaming

As well as playing on consoles, you can now play games on mobile phones. Again, this is thanks to esports. As streaming platforms like Twitch have helped give rise to the popularity of esports, esports has helped esports make the crossover to mobile app gaming. Lots of esports players have now gone professional and can get amazing sponsorship deals and are paid to promote mobile games. By showcasing the wonderful world of mobile app gaming while streaming esports, an amazing relationship has been born and encouraged thousands to take their gaming with them on their phones. Furthermore, the big news was just announced that ESL Gaming & EarlyGame Join Forces to Launch New Mobile Gaming Brand named Mobile Matters. That said, look for more high profile mobile esports tournaments soon!

Esports is still a relatively new industry and has only been around since the late 1970s, meaning it can only grow from here. More developers than ever are working on esports games to try and meet the player’s demands. As with all technology, we can only expect to see esports get better and better over time and more exciting games will continue to be released.