Esports Tournaments: The Major Events for Predictions

Gaming has been more than a geek’s hobby for a long time. Cybersports gained immense popularity worldwide: players win millions, fans gather at gigantic arenas, such as Boulevard Riyadh City, and international companies are not shy to invest in this high-tech entertainment niche.

As it is with classic sports since their creation, with thriving competitions thrives gaming. Players try to predict the outcome of matches all over the world for many games. This is a fun addition to a very exciting sport.

For whatever reason you are curious about esports, one cannot simply gain success without a thorough knowledge of the gaming scene. Let us have a glance at the most exciting and ambitious events in esports, as this is where you can find the most fun!

Dota 2: The International

Called TI for short, the event is the pinnacle of the annual Dota Pro Circuit competitive series. Over the course of the season, the players are fighting for money, fame, and, most importantly, DPC points that are necessary to get the entry. Twelve teams then qualify through DPC ranking, and the others have a shot at their Regional Qualifiers.

The latest update in the tournament is that this year, the group stage and early play-offs are separated into an event called The Road to The International, and the fight between the top eight teams is TI itself.

This first-tier event, founded in 2011, is organized by Valve itself. Since 2013, its prize pool was crowdfunded and increased each year until 2022 when it could not beat the 2021 record of $40,018,195. We are still yet to hear what awaits the participants of TI 2023 but without any doubt, we are in for an awesome battle with major stakes.

League of Legends: World Championship

LoL World Championship started its history in 2011 as well, with a modest prize pool of $100,000. However, the very next year the sum jumped to $2,000,000 and Riot Games has been holding near that amount ever since.

This year, 22 participants will compete in the month-long race for the Summoner’s Cup.

PUBG: Global Championship 2023

This year’s season in PUBG esports includes two major contests of the PUBG Global Series (Phase 1 and Phase 2). Just as with Dota 2, the players fight for points to rank in the annual Global Championship. The event will welcome the 32 best players from all over the world fighting in the Squads FPP mode, and the PUBG Corporation itself orchestrates the organization.

Phase 2 of the PGS featured a new map, Taego, to much excitement from both participants and fans. It also was conducted under the new regulations. In the meantime, we have to wait for what surprises the Global Championship in November will show!

VALORANT Champions Tour

The Valorant cybersports scene is comparably young but it makes up fast enough. The inaugural season of the Valorant World Championship, or Champions Tour (VCT for short), was conducted in 2021. In 2022, its prize pool was a nice $1,000,000. In 2023, 16 teams will divide $2,250,000 which is quite an impressive scale from Riot Games.

VCT attracts many sponsors, such as Mastercard, Red Bull, and XBOX.

Predicting Major Esports Matches

  1. Know the game you are watching. If you know the rules and all the little details about how the game works, you can better evaluate the chances of your teams and choose smarter.
  2. Watch the matches. Streams are a great way to assess the dynamics of the game, look at your team in action, and get some valuable insights from the commentaries.
  3. Keep up with the news. How did the teams do in this year’s season? What were the rooster changes and transfers? Possessing up-to-date information is key to making the right predictions.
  4. Learn how the tournament works. If you want to increase your predicting prowess, smart but honest predicting is your only way to more consistent success.
  5. Find a good game website. Study the website’s offers, rules, and read the reviews of the tech support’s work.
  6. If you are not so keen on the idea of thoroughly researching online game sites, a reliable portal will help you find the best service to place your eSports bets. This site provides comprehensive information about Esports websites that will prove helpful whether you are a skilled Esports veteran or a hopeful newbie.