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Author: Solitary
Rating: 10
Comment: EVE is simply excellent. Most of "teh l33t" kids give up at tutorial stage, so what remains is a wonderful community of people dedicated to the game. After leaving the station for the first time in my rookie ship, I was overwhelmed by the complex universe created there. Now I am doing agent missions, mining in 0.3 and crushing Guristas. EVE is awesome.

Author: kristen
Rating: 10
Comment: I got hooked to the game after doing the 14 day free trial. The game had so many possibilities I was in awe. After about 3-weeks of dedicated training, I realized one thing: No matter how much time you put into the game, you are still required to wait 20+ days for a few of your skills to train up. I picked up a nice ship quickly. Thanks to the helpful and friendly community there. Love the game!

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Eve Online Insider Guide
Killer advice for EVE players: Find out how to get a factio battleship for 1 mio loyalty points - not only the blueprint. Get CONCORD to help you raid miners and make a fortune on every single raid on them.

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