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Once nicknamed EverCrack due to the fact that it was so addictive, EverQuest no longer reigns as the top MMORPG in America but the game still remains a leader in the industry with a plethora of expansion packs and quite a number of loyal gamers. In fact, many EQ players have stuck with the game instead of going to the flashier sequel, EQ2. 

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Author: Mr. Peel
Rating: 7
Comment: Was the best MMORPG for a while, but now its not even close.

Author: initocian
Rating: 10
Comment: Great game until all the expansions came about.

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Everquest Insider Guides
More than 20 EQ strategy guides that cover class-specific strategies, expansions and cutting-edge leveling strategies.

EverQuest Expansions 

  1. The Ruins of Kunark
  2. The Scars of Velious
  3. The Shadows of Luclin
  4. The Planes of Power
  5. The Legacy of Ykesha
  6. Lost Dungeons of Norrath
  7. Gates of Discord
  8. Omens of War
  9. Dragons of Norrath
  10. Depths of Darkhollow

EverQuest Tips
A small collection of old tips and cheats for EverQuest without the expansions.

EverQuest: Ruin of Kunark
A few tips for EverQuest with the Ruins of Kunark expansion.

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