Are you looking forward to becoming a lol pro gamer? Then there are various things that you need to know about the game. According to recent studies, the lol game is among the most popular online multiplayer games with very many players. The riot game released the game in the year 2009. The game involves several players, and each player plays a different role in a battle arena. One needs to create either a free account or buying a smurf account to get started.

According to the pro gamers’ tips, there are several benefits of choosing the right lol account. For instance, buying a smurf account has several advantages over the standard free account. That is because the smurf account will allow you to play different levels at the start and gives you huge rewards. This article shall discuss some of the essential things that every lol game lover should know. Those things include;

About the gameplay

According to the current statistics, the league of legends game has over 140 champions. Having several champions makes it easy for anyone to select only the best for the battle. It is essential to remember that the champions you choose will determine your future wins and losses significantly. Thus, ensure you select the best champions. If you do not know about the different champions, take your time researching a few things about the different champions. That will guarantee a good selection for your team.

Each of the champions within lol game has five different abilities. Although the capabilities different depending on the champion you choose, each ability helps uniquely. The five different abilities include; a single passive ability, one ultimate ability earned over a particular time and three normal abilities. Unlike on the lol smurf account, each champion begins the match at lower levels and advance as experience increases. The more a champion’s level raises, the higher the chances of unlocking special abilities for that champion.

How to control the champions when gaming?

To make everything simple for you when playing the lol game, you need to have the right gears for playing. Some of the essential gears include having the best mouse and keyboard. The two gears mentioned above are the most vital in helping to control the movement of the champions. Before buying a particular mouse or keyboard for the lol gaming purposes, one should read the reviews and research to know more. That helps to avoid purchasing the wrong gaming accessories.

Attacking on lol game

Since the lol is a battle arena, it is essential to learn how to attack. Your attacking skills will significantly determine the success in your game. To attack a particular enemy in the lol game, you need to click on the enemy. After clicking on the enemy, the champion will start moving towards the enemy unit. Using the feature auto-attack is essential for beginners as you learn on advanced attacking skills.

How to improve your attacking skills? 

Since auto attacks are the same for everyone, knowing some tips to improve your attacking skills will help you become the best player. Therefore, among the several tips on enhancing your attacking skills, investing in the right weapons is essential. That is because the special weapons will increase your shooting range and much more. Opting for the correct setting is the other useful tip for enhancing your attacking skills. Below are some of the essential setting that will help you become to a better player. They include;

Setting the right player attack move.

The attack setting is essential when it comes to the lol game that is because the settings mentioned above helps in improving the accuracy. To activate those settings, one needs to select the hotkeys, scroll down to player movement section and lastly choose the option “bindattack move click and player attack move”. After completing those settings, you will be ready to compete with lol pro gamers.

The other essential settings include the; show spell cost, player movement prediction, the toggle champions only setting and moving minimap to the left. Therefore, by setting the few settings discussed above, you will enhance your lol gaming experience.