Everyone loves games, and everyone has at least once played some sort of game in their lives. Imagine a game is associated with that one thing that you find very non-interesting to do. That would literally make it so easy for you to do that task, won’t it? Well, this is exactly what gamification is. Keep reading further, as in this article, we discuss more about gamification.

What is Gamification?

Simply put, gamification is the process of adding games or game-like elements to make a job more interesting or convenient to do. Studies have shown that doing so not only gives an exciting tinge to a certain task but also increases participation. Gamification is being used widely in a lot of industries. One such place is fantasy sports. The strategizing of playing some players on game day fused with esports makes it ten fold more exciting and increases participation from people of all age groups. 

Gamification in Online Games/Sports

Gamification in online games is a lot broader than we think or know. The esports industry has a massive fan club of itself. The craze for esports is so immense that even people who are not gamers themselves are very actively participating in esport or fantasy sport events on almost a daily basis. Moreover, gamification isn’t just about better users’ engagement. Gamification can lead to better training programs by making them interesting and more interactive. Introducing gamification to a training program would certainly result in better response and of course better results. 

Gamification in Business Systems

Gamification can literally be incorporated in any industry. Gamification for business systems is a boon. By gamification a learning culture can be developed in the most effective way. Training staff about new technology has become so much easier with the help of gamification.

Where to participate in Fantasy Sports/Online Games

As a beginner, fantasy sports might seem overwhelming, but soon you’ll get the hang of it and soon become an expert in it. If you are wondering where you can start participating in online games or fantasy sports, there are some sites that are very beginner-friendly. One such site is vwin casino. Vwin88 is a Vietnamese/Thai online game venue that is the perfect head-start for beginners and pros alike to play online thanks to the variety of options it offers and the safety and security measures they employ.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with participating in fantasy sports as gamification is a new era, and everyone must learn to move along with time. If you choose the right site and the right environment then you can actually learn a lot and put it all to gain rewards. Fantasy sports might sound scary, but it is very convenient to start and actually very exciting once you get the hang of it.


  1. Gamification in the business world would actually be quite handy, a way to incentivize people by structuring business as if it were a game to compete in, but how it would be applied would really depend on the subject matter of that business. Not sure how different it would be in different environments, but the closest experience for me has been competing in a subject-based jeopardy-style game in academia where the reward is bonus extra credit for an exam, as a way to enhance learning. In other words, gamification works effectively in academia, and it could work well as a learning experience or skill enhancement in other places.

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