Your objective is to kill as much dengue fever mosquitoes as you can. As you progress, their speed and numbers will increase. How long can you hold up without letting them hit your insecticide can?


  1. Not much to do in this game other than the simple click the mosquito on the screens. The game is a great time waster and it’s free, but not worth my time. Therefore, I’d rate this game a 1/5.

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  2. Exterminadengue is a fun arcade game. I like the idea of spraying mosquitoes; the game is quite balanced as spam-clicking will not be effective since there are a limited number of repellents until the player collects more. The game is not too difficult and does progressively get harder when there are more mosquitoes to spray. The objective of spraying as many mosquitoes to gather points for the player’s score is nice. Overall, I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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