In this article we will discover the most famous Online Game Software Providers. We will also see which companies are responsible for creating online game software and video games such as the popular Word of Wordcraft and Skyrim, and how software developers can switch to a career of gaming developing without much hassle.

The Most Famous Online Game Software Providers

Here we wrote a list of the most famous online game software providers. Some of them are very big historical companies, and, in our opinion, they are all worth mentioning for the considerable quality of their work. You probably already know most of them, and others might sound new to you, but we are pretty sure you have already ended up playing or seeing one of the products of these software providers have developed. Playtech is one of the world’s pillars of online game software providers. Other famous online game providers include Blizzard for WoW, Jagex for Runescape, Electronic Arts for Madden, and Rockstar Games for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

The Online Game Software Developer

Let’s now see who the developer, or the person that creates the games is.

Usually the work of a programmer is to write code, but an online software developer will also:

  • Figure out the software use requirements
  • Create prototypes
  • Manage project finances
  • Test or manage a group of testers to perform on the product
  • Create samples and mock-ups
  • Release updates and bug corrections

Can software developers work in Online Gaming?

A programmer that works in the online games industry can easily switch from creating an online app to creating a video game. This is because the work, even if operating in two different industries, the similarities overlap. What makes the task of programmers’ similar in the video games and online game industries is that they work using mostly the same programming languages: C++ and Java.

Want to know more about game software providers?

If you want to have more information on a particular provider, want to know more about their characteristics or want to discover their online games check out this informative article about casino software provider.


As we have seen in this article online software providers are many, and thanks to new technologies they’re all aiming at providing the best and most entertaining gaming experience to their customer base.

The online game software market, as well as the online gaming market, are in rapid expansion with it being estimated to be worth $127 Billion by 2026, for the reason we have seen above, developers and programmers can easily choose which of the two specializations to follow in their career.


  1. I think the biggest benefit of a software developer knowing C++ and/or Java is that most of the structure and syntax in these languages can be carried over to other programming languages (since many other languages carry influence from these languages). And someone who’s well-trained in these languages would probably know a lot more things under the hood (such as memory leaks, bit operators, function overloading, etc.) that newer programming languages tend to further abstract from developers.

    But I don’t think knowing these languages are necessarily the defining factors of what makes a good game developer since there are hundreds of other languages out there for developers; like someone coming from a Microsoft Visual C# background might translate better to working in Unity or Blazor WebAssembly, someone coming from writing software for Arduino (Arduino code is pretty much a variant of C++) and has a good Javascript background might find it interesting to develop games on p5.js just because they’re comfortable with the sketch interface, someone coming from a ReactJS/VueJS/AngularJS background and a NodeJS background might be comfortable with other Javascript frameworks for developing web games, and so on.

    But probably the language that gets understated frequently is Python, and it’s probably the most popular language out there at this point since it’s very general-purpose. It’s handy for machine learning, web development, server-side scripting, etc., and even though it might not be the first language you would think of for game development, there are numerous libraries/frameworks/modules/tools/engines out there like Pygame, Kivy, Panda3D, and Cocos2D.

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