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New Profile Posts

  1. Rex
  2. Blasphemy
    Food Blogs ~ hmmmmm
  3. Heromanguy12
    Congratulations @Jebus Edrei on winning 2017 Pirate Collection but instead of getting the bounty he received two pieces of Artix's rare set!
    1. Jebus Edrei likes this.
    2. Jebus Edrei
      Jebus Edrei
      Thanks! :D
      Sep 23, 2017 at 7:40 AM
  4. Mayonnaise
    i forgot to thank mr.StEvA for my signature art gif~
    1. StEvA likes this.
    2. StEvA
      I'm sure you already did that, you're more than welcome :).
      Sep 23, 2017 at 3:44 PM
  5. Blasphemy
  6. ogreman
    AQ3D meetup is set up for mid to late October.
  7. Mayonnaise
  8. Mayonnaise
  9. Mayonnaise
    I wish the beatles made their "Hey Jude" song into "Hey May"
  10. Mayonnaise
  11. Blasphemy
    Can someone call my attention when there's a new trivia questions like Runescape, WoT, AQ3D and other games. Answered the current triv qstns
  12. Drake_Green
    Yelloh, everyone i'm gonna update my blog on game i'm playing
  13. Mayonnaise
    listening to Ujico music~
  14. Crownknight
    The "Road to 10K" begins! :)
  15. Plague
  16. Drake_Green
    Yoh, fellow ogre's good day to all, at the moment I'm playing the newly released(CBT) of the Ragnarok franchise Spear of Odin!!
  17. AlphaZii
  18. ogreman
  19. ogreman
    The newest event is called Ogrepalooza:).
  20. Rex