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New Profile Posts

  1. Rex
  2. ogreman
  3. ogreman
    Forum Events now has its own forum.
  4. ogreman
  5. ogreman
    Voting will start soon.
  6. ogreman
  7. Setsou
    Im just a guy who plays for fun :)
  8. Masako
    A few months offline and I'm back to Royal Ogre! :) The Pit: We are not phoenix, we rise from the Pit we are the Forgotten ones. (LOL)
  9. HyperOmega
  10. ogreman
  11. ogreman
  12. Rex
  13. ogreman
    Ogre Aq3D Adventures may have badges:).
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  14. ogreman
  15. ogreman
  16. ogreman
  17. Rex
  18. ogreman
  19. ogreman
    The Giant Ax has finally been won!
  20. ogreman