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A program in pascal/java/c

Discussion in 'Online Game Development' started by SerbiaPhantom, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. SerbiaPhantom

    SerbiaPhantom Club Swinger

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    So my teacher told me if I do this question right,i would get an A :D .If anyone could write this program for me it would be amazing:
    A fly is jumping on an infinite string.For the first time it jumps 1cm in one direction.The second time she jumps 3cm in any direction(left or right),the third 5cm in any direction(left or right).Every time it jumps,the next time it will jump 2cm more in any direction.Is it possible for it to jump for x(input)times and on the x-th jump,it will land on the starting point(before the first jump).
    I would love you forever if you can write me this program.
  2. Croco12

    Croco12 The Crocodile The Pit
    1. TSM

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    I could do this, but in Basic... And... pm me with original text on Serbian, because I don't understand this well...

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