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An introduction to EVE Online

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by Allicekcd, Dec 6, 2010.

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  1. Allicekcd

    Allicekcd Ogre Newling

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    EVE Online is a massively multiplayer online games developed Iceland CCP.the setting of this game is fictional space where palyers drive various self-remade warships around more than 5 thousand of planetary system. The palyers of EVE Online can hold kinds of activities, incuding mining, manufacturing, trade and fgighting. And the activity category is more as the increasing of skill. Once players enter into the game, the skill training begins. EVE Online was published by Simon & Sc huster Interactive(SSI)in May and Decenber in the same year of 2003. Then the developer of game CCP purchased the copyright back. Until January 1st, 2008 EVE Online was announced to publish through Steam. At present the latest version is called Dominion. EVE Online’s design conception is to give players absolute free game space with no limitation for the plot. It becomes a broad world to emphasize players’ participation. You can drive you cargo boat to be an ordinary space businessman, and you also can be the ambitious space leader who controls the thousands of army group.
    The game developing team only provides tools and makes rules, but all the adventures and fun will be created by the players themselves. EVE is particular because it is a singe server, which makes more than 25000 players to communicate in the world of EVE on the same server. Players can utilize skill, items, and tools to do anything they want with no limitation. There is no fix task line, no checkpoint and no Boss.
    EVE Online is a game to inspire our creation and realize players’ imagination, so many players are willing to have such kind of new experience.
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