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“Race07†expansion packs announced

Discussion in 'Single Player RPGs' started by GameOgreVideos, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    The Swedish game development company SimBin Studios AB today announced that its award winning PC racing game “Race07†will get 5 different expansion packs. The theme based expansion packs are a tribute to the lively community of the game, as they focus on highly requested content from the fans. The expansion packs will be released over the coming months at a price point between five and ten Euro/USD each. The first pack is completely free of charge!

    The expansion packs will be available exclusively via digital distribution on:

    Home » RaceRoom Online
    Welcome to Steam

    The first expansion pack is named “Formula RaceRoom†and it includes the high powered Formula RR, SimBin's fastest car to date, and three layouts on a new and highly detailed version of Hockenheim Ring. More information and the official release date will be announced soon. This pack is exclusive to RaceRoom Online members and is completely free of charge, sign up and receive it upon release.

    “Race07 was a milestone in SimBins racing history. The game has an active community of more than half a million gamers worldwide. The release of these five final expansion packs is a tribute to our fans and marks at the same time the end of our old racing engine. Besides concluding the RACE 07 saga, SimBin is currently developing a much anticipated title based on its brand new engine, much more about this will be announced later this year. Now its time to say thank you to our RACE07 community, so we hope you will enjoy the new content as it is based upon your feedback and wish list.†comments Henrik Roos, CEO of SimBin Studios AB.
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