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April Update Now Available

Discussion in 'Cross Fire' started by Aaddron, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Cross Fire has been updated with an incredible amount of new content. New maps, new weapons, new character, we have them all!

    Check it out for yourself today. Below is a list of the new content available now:
    • New Complex Ghost Mode Map added
    • New Excavation Mutation Mode Map added
    • New Maiden Mutation Mode Character added
    • New MSG90 Sniper added (New GP Crate Only)
    • New RPK-Camo MG added (New ZP Crate Only)
    • New Micro GALIL-Scope SMG added (ZP Weapon)
    • New M12s SMG added (GP Weapon)
    • New TAR21 Rifle added (GP Weapon)
    • New Permanent M4A1-Silver added (Bonus Point Web Mall Only)
    • New Spray Targets added (Bonus Point Web Mall Only, to be added by April 14th)
    • New Observer feature added (not available in M.M.)
    • New Reduce Stun and Reduce Knockback Item for M.M.
    • New Mutation Spray and NameCard added
    • New Game Fonts designed to help display weapons/items/chat better
    • Various minor game updates and fixes
    For more information, and to discuss the new update check out this thread.
Thread Status:
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