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AQ3D Item rarity and quality, is AE doing it right?

Discussion in 'Adventure Quest 3D' started by Heromanguy12, Sep 18, 2017.

Is AE dealing with item rarities and qualities correctly?

  1. Yes they do!

    0 vote(s)
  2. No they don't and they should improve how they do it!

    7 vote(s)
  1. Heromanguy12

    Heromanguy12 Active Member Ogre Warrior

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    There are many items in AQ3D and they have qualities and rarities.

    Let's say we take a look at Crimson Staff of the Abyss.
    It is a time consuming weapon to get while having a high gold cost overall (111,662 gold and if you include item drops that you need for crafting makes value of it go up to 118,409 gold) to make it and crafting time in total is 20 hours and 36 minutes and weapon has Epic item quality and also it has good stats.

    Then we have a weapon called Soulborne Axe.
    The weapon itself doesn't require crafting but it is a rare drop from Rare Tower Chest inside of Shadowskull Tower dungeon, the weapon is Uncommon quality and it doesn't have that good stats.
    I know it is meant to be more like "cosmetic" weapon nowadays but item quality doesn't meet up with rarity of it, it just doesn't make any sense to me.
    It should meet the stats of at least Decayed Dragon's Bane considering the rarity of it but as it stands in AQ3D crafted weapons have the best stats mostly and weapons that you get as a drop should be temporary upgrade before you get a crafted weapon and not other way around.

    Then we have few consumable items like Senna Bun, Peach Froot and Guava Froot.
    Item qualities of Peach- and Guava Froot make sense (they are both uncommon) but Senna Bun doesn't really add up, i mean Legendary quality for that?

    Then we have travel forms and most of them are Legendary quality and it doesn't really make sense, i mean they are not even rare (besides Shadow Wolf travel form).
    Latest travel forms are Bush travel form and Green Frogzard travel form so let's look at them as an example.
    Bush travel form item quality makes sense considering it is supposed to be a secret and it isn't that hard to get but Green Frogzard travel form just has too high item quality, Legendary in this case.
    It should also be Awesome quality considering you can literally get Unenchanted Frogzard Claw (this item's quality/rarity doesn't make sense either) required to make it by defeating Mamazard and it always appears when you loot her.

    Finally we have a great example of what would deserve Legendary status and that is A Frogzard Ate My Head cosmetic head item that you can also get from Mamazard and it has a really low drop chance (0,02% which is 1 in 5000). The rarity itself makes it deserve Legendary status for it.

    As you can see item rarity and quality can be inconsistent and AE has history of this in their other games like Adventure Quest Worlds.

    A good example in that game would be Blinding Light of Destiny, Artix's signature weapon that you can get by completing a long questline with time consuming steps and that is the reason it deserves it's Legendary rarity.

    Also in that game there are bad examples like Artix's Golden Paladin Axe which you can get by just buying 3X gold multiplier for their other game Undead Assault.

    There also is a item that deserves higher item tier like Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor.
    Difficulty and time it takes to get it is pretty much the same compared to Blinding Light of Destiny but it has lower item tier, Epic.

    AE just has a really inconsistent way to set items rarities and qualities sometimes and it has been showing up quite a bit.

    So what do you guys think? Is AE doing it right or should they step up their game?
  2. herokae

    herokae Active Member Ogre Regular

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    After the stat changes in AQ3D at least the item power now is directly related to the color of its name but the way to find those items are still not balanced at all. So even if an item is extremely rare or hard to obtain it usefulness will be determined only by the color of its name, that seem to be chosen arbitrarily, unless it is a cosmetic item, then the quality level has no meaning at all.
  3. Snowy

    Snowy Royal Ogre Royal Ogre
    1. AdventureQuest 3D Heroes

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    I would say no for several reasons:

    1. A lot of items' quality make no sense. If Soulborne Axe drops from the Rare Tower Chest instead of the Uncommon Tower Chest, then it should have the Rare (Awesome) quality, not Uncommon quality. Some chest items are like this.

    2. Easily obtainable items should be junk or common, hopefully junk for quest items and common for equippable, usable items. I will agree that travel forms shouldn't be tagged legendary, because there's nothing legendary about them, and I think DC items should at default be Rare (Awesome) quality because not everyone has/spends DCs, which is actually how most DC items actually are.

    3. The differentiation between quality and rarity is confusing. Quality is pretty much rarity, but in the sense of how hard the item is to obtain, while rarity (the way its been defined in other AE games, especially in AQWorlds) refers to if the item is no longer available (rare) or whether it'll return again (seasonal).

    I think there could be a lot of improvements, like properly tagging the right colors to the items, but also including both quality and rarity instead of just quality. For example, if an item will be seasonal, nobody is going to know that unless it is mentioned somewhere like in the Design Notes, so I think displaying rarity (rare, seasonal, event, etc.) would be a great addition.
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  4. Blasphemy

    Blasphemy Royal Ogre Royal Ogre

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    I don't think so! Crimson Staff was hard to get but knowing the scytheblade in vault got more better stats it killed it's quality plus I'm pretty sure 2-3years later theres gonna be a lot of reskin items, we might get a recolored soulbourne which is easy to get that would kill the quality of the original soulbourne, even mida's curse got so many reskin sword.
  5. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise Cold Heart Royal Ogre

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    Everything i woulve to said were already pointed out c:

    I totally agree that they make no sense at all :r
    Imean. The doom ripper...it's my favorite weapon from a "rare chest" with a rare drop rate. But still.. it gots a Common quality. How come.? Ugh
  6. Adam1a1

    Adam1a1 Active Member Ogre Regular

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    I seems like they give rarities randomly based on item type :/
  7. Amethystlock

    Amethystlock Royal Ogre Royal Ogre

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    if there were a rarity ingame where seasonal rarity has its own color it'd be really popular because they're making new items a lot and cysero said 99% of the items they make will come back/stay
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