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Armed and Dangerous – New Weapons

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Supernatural, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Supernatural

    Supernatural LiveStreamer Ogre Veteran

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    The Rusty Hearts: Awakening update is just a week away and there's a ridiculous amount of new items heading your way. One of the most exciting new updates will be the multitude of new weapons that players will have access to as they level from 25 to 30. With this new level cap you'll have access to not just these new weapons, but also some pretty legendary skills. We'll have more news on these skills soon, but first we take a sneak peak at the new weapons.


    Angela maybe young and slightly naive, but she's also deadly with a sword and scythe. Her latest additions to her arsenal are vast and more deadly than ever.

    Her weaponry now includes 5 new weapons; 2 additional swords and 3 new scythes.


    Check out a close up of her Misericorde and Stone Golem Sword. Proceed with caution and don't play with sharp objects Angela.



    Oh hi, didn't see you there Frantz. Looks like you're holding something new. That wouldn't happen to be a Demonic Blade would it? Oh it is? EPIC!

    Frantz gets access to new weapon set that is quite literally bigger than him. The Demonic Slayer is a pretty boss new axe, but it's nowhere near intimidating as the Iron Slayer. This behemoth will clobber your foes and show enemies who runs this town (Hint: it's not Vlad). Frantz may be the suave one of the group, but he's no wimp. You mess with Frantz you better be prepared to stare down the shaft of his gigantic axe.


    You thought the Iron Slayer was big and bad? You thought wrong! The butcher axe is an instrument of death that will slice and dice your enemies with more precision than Dexter.

    Besides just getting blunt instruments like an axe, you can also see some of the more finesse based weapons coming for Frantz like the Lavinunce Edge and Stone Golem Sword.



    People often tell us how cool and fun Tude seems. He may not be a stiff, but he's far from tame. Tude is ready to get wild on enemies with weapons that are so bad they rival the strength of a Power glove.

    Strap on the Butcher gauntlet and mangle Vlad's army in this slick, but deadly piece. This brutish gauntlet is no joke, you'll be packing up Hakens and Skeletons with this beastly weapon in no time. Don't neglect the Black Rose or Dangerous, these two are go-to for Tude and will get the job done.


    Take a look at Tude's Dignity! Nothing to be ashamed of here, that claw is monstrous. Equip the Haken patina or Jade gauntlet and see how bad you really are. Tude's a no-nonsense kinda' guy and these weapons follow that mantra.


    To get more details on these weapons you'll have to play the game and earn them, but we'll pump out some more details on these soon enough.

    Check out all these weapons and more content when the Awakening update comes out on October 11th, 2011. We hope everyone gets a chance to see a at least a few of these weapons in action and feel their power first hand.
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