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Armia PK Troubles?

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by ThreeLitPigy, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. ThreeLitPigy

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    Armia PK Troubles?

    OMG OMG OMG -- Killed
    Who loves pk? ... Almost everyone ^^
    But who hates getting bugged in Armia PK? ... Almost everyone again ^^
    THIS GUIDE WILL ELIMINATE 99.9% of all armia - pk bugs...meaning you will NOT have to relog!
    Short guide ^^
    When you get stuck there usually 1 of 2 problems:
    1) Still some HP left ... game will not let you tele back to town >.> you are only KINDA dead, lagger (usually laggers get)
    2) Killed out of HP zone .. game will not let you tele back to town <.< you are dead in a non PK zone, lagger (oso usually laggers get)
    To fix:
    1) If you have a guild, try to turn on and off your symbol using ['] key/ ["] key.. BAM HP gone ... if you don't have a guild, try number 2, it might work it might not.
    2) /tab anything different then your current tab and you'll be replaced into a spot inside the arena.

    Hope this helped!
    Have fun pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk pk...
    BTW Turn on pk by hitting [~] key or [k] key

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