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Army Rage Summer Challenge – Brest Fortress Tournament

Discussion in 'MMOFPS and Online Shooters' started by GameOgreVideos, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    The free-to-play WWII shooter Army Rage is challenging everyone to take part in the Summer Challenge tournament this Friday on the brand new map – Brest Fortress. The event will recreate the legendary WWII Brest Fortress defense which took place from 22nd to 29th June, 1941. This was one of the first battles during the WWII Operation Barbarossa when the Brest Fortress was defended by the Red Army against the Wehrmacht. The sudden battle lasted longer than expected and became a symbol of Soviet resistance during the WWII.

    Every player who takes part in this tournament will win special bonuses and compete for the big rewards!
    Check out the gameplay video of the new Brest Fortress Map here: Army Rage - Battle of Brest Fortress - YouTube

    Tournament details:

    Time: 17:00h CET on 22nd June until 17:00h CET on 29th June

    A Bonus for everyone: all participants receive 50% higher coins income from every battle. The first, second and third player in each battle will receive additional 500 coins and 10 consumable items right after every game they won!

    Daily battle limit: every one of you has 10 battles to participate in every day

    Tournament big rewards:

    First place: rare weapon K98k Trench mag permanent, SN-40A body armor, Camouflaged helmet, 3 spoil chests, 150 consumable items.

    Second place: rare weapon Springfield Trench mag permanent, SN-40A body armor, Camouflaged helmet, 2 spoil chests, 100 consumable items.

    Third place: rare weapon PzB39 anti-tank rifle permanent, Heavy Flak Jacket, M1 helmet, 1 spoil chest, 50 consumable items.

    Are you ready for glory? Join Army Rage for free: Army Rage
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