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Artists needed for browser-based strategy MMO

Discussion in 'Gamer Creations' started by Lorakil, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Lorakil

    Lorakil Ogre Newling

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    Greetings all! We are working on a real-time browser-based strategy MMO similar to TribalWars KhanWars Evony etc..with one exception(ok maybe a lot). We have 12 races, each with many units. We are looking for someone interested in designing building icons, terrain, and racial units. The game will be free, but like others out there we will have a premium account which will give paying players a slight edge, but also we will allow people to purchase goodies to help. Naturally, if we go live and make some loot, we are planning on splitting some of the profits . Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping design a GUI, units, terrain, etc please PM me here on the forum.
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