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awesome new(ish) FREE MMO

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by meilk, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. meilk

    meilk Ogre Newling

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    this shall be my first in depth post outlining a great game that i know you will love. my first heartwarming contribution to the forums!

    Hey guys. My buddies and I just switched from a game we've been playing for about 3 years over to this newly established International verson if a game called Perfect World. Perfect World International. Since this game converted us to play it over the game we'd been on for so long, I figured I would share it with you guys too. I'd love to have more and more people populate the servers in the game and help it grow as much as possible. The more cool people in the game the better the community would be as a whole! :D
    I know you all are some hardcore gamers like myself and my crew and I'm sure some of ya would be pretty interested in a game like this.
    I'll tell you a little bit about it.
    First of all...It's FREE TO PLAY! Who doesn't love that? Lol. This is the best free game I've ever played by a huge longshot.

    It's very VERY similar to WoW, in that of it's interface, questing system (built in coordinates assistant ^___^), Dungeons, PvP, Class based roles (Such as a barbarian being a tank, a Cleric being a healer, Archers and Venomancers being heavy damage dealers, etc).

    This game is based on Chinese Myth, so the whole theme including the music, monsters, armor, NPC's, scenery etc are all majestic and very detailed chinese theme. I like it alottttt lol

    One thing I find freakin' awesome about it is the loot itemization. It's like Diablo II where loot can pop with random stats; I've always loved this because you can get some crazy double or triple stat rolls that turn out to be really valuable and sought out. You can socket your armor with so many different sockets. You can also refine your armor from +1 to +12 , which increases it's stats by a percentage respectively as you gain higher refinery rates.

    I've never played Lineage but I've also heard that there are some similarities to that as well. Bosses, Dungeons, PvP raids, Group quests, territory wars, everything lol.

    One of the most awesome parts about it, is that you and your Faction (guild, clan, etc) can take over specific parts of the map. When another player enters your Faction controlled territory, they're informed that they're stepping on your turf :p. Also everyone in your faction receives a salary pay for holding down territory. It's a huge amount of money that you get weekly, and it's very helpful to start the perpetual gaining of more and more territory Muahahaha >:)

    The level cap is 105, and there are dozens of skills for each class. When you reach level 89 you choose to become Demon or Angel persuasion, which each one has it's own benefits to your skills, or allows you to access new specific skills. You get 5 stats points per level as well. I'd compare the stat points system to the Diablo series as well. Str, Vit, Mag, Dex.

    Another AMAZING feature of this game is how customizable your characters is. You can customize for example; Any color hair, eyes, skin within the whole color map. You can also customize your character as far as facial features, like lines, cheek bones, nose bridge, depth, width, height, space, etc. It's one of the most customizable character selections I've ever seen. It's very impressive, ESPECIALLY for a free game.

    This game has very low system requirements too, so for those of you using trash computers like I am, you can still enjoy this amazing game too. The requirements are:
    Operating system:Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
    CPU: 800Mhz and above
    RAM: 256 or more
    Hard Drive Space: 2.5GB available space
    Graphic Display: 32MB 3D Graphics card
    As you can see, almost anyone can play this game. That's one thing I really love about it. I saw it in full detail as well, and it's very on par with WoW/ Warhammer :D I wish i could run it in full detail, but I'm on a really bad computer with an Intel Chipset intergrated graphics card (yes, shoot me lol)

    There are 3 races. Winged Elves (who can fly from level 1) - Winged elves can be a cleric or an archer. Untamed (they're tiger,wolf, fox, or panda upright humanoid type) - They can be barbarians or venomancers. A veno is similar to a hunter in the way that they can use an attack pet. There are also humans - humans can be a wizard, or a blademaster. All classes at level 30 receive a free flying mount. Flying in the game is awesome, and you can go up to great heights. As well as fighting monsters in the air such as dragons, and you guessed it, underwater combat wish dragons and many many other monsters as well.
    All races and classes are available in male or female too. Yet ANOTHER awesome feature in this game, is that a male character can carry a female character while running, on a land mount, flying in the air on a mount or with wings, up to any distance. You can even get married in this game, and receive 2x the experience when partied with your spouse. I think it's a bit corny but 2x exp? you've got my attention lol.

    The economy in the game is pretty established so far. There is an auction house, but also a new feature that I haven't seen in any other games ever before. You can set up a consignment shop anywhere :D. you can set your own prices that you're selling stuff for and buying stuff for. It's very useful, and there are high populated areas which are great for setting up shop while you sleep or work, whatever you do.

    In this game you also have the option to charge cash, to receive Gold in the game. Gold is bought with real money, while coins are the basic in game currency. Gold can be used to buy Cash items from the boutique, including fashion clothes, dyes, hp/mp charms, mounts, speed increases, profession materials, chat mods, inventory extensions and bank extensions...among a whole other slue of random awesome items. One thing I do stress though, is that you can totally play this game without spending real money. They even have an in game system that players can use to trade their coins, for gold that they can use in the cash boutique. I myself have already farmed up alot of coins and traded for gold in order to get cash items that I wanted. I also just broke down and charged 50 bucks to make my character look really cool and to get a land mount.

    The customer service is very timely and responsive, as well as the in game GM response. They ban botters instantly, and so far there aren't any game breaking hacks that i've seen. The bugs are very minimal as well. The game is really smooth-operating and for that once again, Perfect World International has my praise.

    You receive player ranks based on your level and reputation, which unlocks diffrent player titles and armor sets. I really like the way that godly armor is obtainable by everyone, instead of it being limited to only a certain few people get armor according to rank. You can definately play the game at your own pace, and still progress/stay competitive.

    The GM's hold many diffrent events too. In past games, gm's have had little or no interaction with the players... but this one is definitely different. There are even a few players on my server who go out of their way and spend money from the cash boutique and hold their own personal events, trivia, and many giveaways. I think that's wonderful for the community. It's a very friendly community infact. Alot of helpful people, and minimal immaturity and chat spam. So far we haven't even gotten anyone in our clan under the age of 19 :).

    This game has been out in malaiysa and some other countries in the past year or two, but this international version was just launched some 5 or 6 months ago. What that means is if you choose to get in on the action now, you can be one of the highest and strongest before stuff really gets heavy and the server politics start kicking in xD I love that idea yes i do.

    Combat uses a targeting system. Skills appear on action bars, similar to World of warcraft, once again. It's so much like wow, but wow is the best selling MMO, so I guess they have to take elements to compete. PWI in my opinion is definitely giving wow a run for their money, although it's not nearly as widely advertized so I doubt it would ever grow to that size.

    There are 4 professions. Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Craftsman (rings trinkets jewelry), and Apothecary (herbs remedies buff potions). Anyone any class can use any armor or weapon, provided that they have the requisite stat points to use them.

    You have a skill tree as well so you can plan out your build. There are alot of in depth official guides that the company provides, as well as player written guides in their lively forum community. I'm going by a player written guide and so far it's going great. I'm playing a Winged Elf female cleric; but using a hybrid spec (similar to a shadow priest) for full attack capability.

    There's guild list, friends list, black list as well. The chat interface is very user friendly too.

    This game is just awesome and I'm so glad that i found it =D. I hope that some of you actually read through this whole post and decide to give this awesome game a shot, because it will definately be worth your time. Also, i took about 20 minutes to write up this overview of the game too so you would know exactly what to expect, based on the opinions of someone who's been playing MMO's since they were 12 ;P. It's free to play so what do you have to lose? I give this game a 9/10 :D

    PWI encourages it's players to share the game with friends and groups etc, in order to build a huge and fun gaming community.

    Using that link you will be referred by me personally, and you will benefit from this and so will I. So if you and your friends want to get into it together, have them use the same link as well - it's much appreciated :). On a personal level, if you're joining the fun through me and my link, please feel free and more than welcome to get at me in-game. I would be glad to help you get started with some money, equipment, help, show you the ropes...If you're serious maybe I can let you join our faction (which WILL be one of the best eventually! lol). We use ventrilo and we love people who take games seriously and use ventrilo as well as playing actively. Make sure if you sign up to play on LOST CITY server, that's where me and my crew are at. My in game name is HolyBeatrix. So look, you already have a high level priest friend :). If ya join and follow through make sure you message me in game and tell me that you saw my post and that you're gonna stick to the game :D. I always like to meet new ppl and recruit good players to join our clan. If you're dedicated your level wouldn't matter.

    Well thanks for reading my post guys, (if you made it this far lol) and i really hope i might see some of yall whispering me wanting to join the clan :D. Happy gaming!
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  2. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Ok one no referrals,two Perfect World has its own forum so I'm going to move this thread here.
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