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Bug Extermination Report - January 9, 2013

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by Mordekaiser, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Mordekaiser

    Mordekaiser Dealer of Death Ogre Veteran

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    Here in Dr. Bing's Lab - that's right, MY lab - I’ve reverse engineered the cellular structure of the latest batch of bugs, and I’ll be able to completely eradicate them on the 9th of January! I’m one step closer to my goal of complete bug extermination, but my robot minions are still analyzing data on these other bugs. They shall fall to the overwhelming power of science, just like the bugs below already have:

    • Tempest Gift Box will no longer be consumed if the user does not have enough space in their inventory.
    • Winter Wonderland should now finally be removed from the Premium Surprise Style Box.
    • Mystery Special Mastery Books should now give Mastery Books for Luminous, Kaiser and Jett.
    • [Kaiser] A crash should no longer occur when dragging a skill to the command skill window and dropping it outside of the slots.
    • [Kaiser] The skill "Inferno Breath" should now properly damage enemies.
    • Noctornal Merchant should no longer be appearing in game maps.
    • The player should no longer be sent to Perion when exiting the Free Market in Edelstein after Quick Moving.
    • Clicking the "Class Warfare" pop-up notification should now start the fight.
    • Players will no longer get stuck in the Crimson Wood Keep PQ Warrior room when jumping off ropes.
    • Players should no longer be disconnecting while completing the Zakum Jump Quest.
    • Players should no longer be disconnecting while trying to complete the Amoria PQ.
    • Various log-in issues for some players have been resolved.
    • A message indicating Azwan is time-limited has been removed.
    • Doofus should now know a bit more about the Starwing pet.
    • Big Headward should now always have the option to use All Stars or Royal Hair Coupons.

    • The Royal hair style "Wavy Mop" should no longer cause a player's hairstyle and color to be changed when ducking.
    • A tree in Kulan Field IV has been moved to its correct position.
    • The icon for Nurse Pretty in the Quick Move window has been fixed.

    • There are no longer text errors in the dialogue for the quest "Tae Soo's Account".
    • Text errors in the quest tab for Eliza's Rage and Eliza Eternal Sleep have been fixed.
    • The item Big Spider Tentacle has been renamed Big Spider Antenna.
    • [Kaiser] The quest "Alcadno Alchemy" should make a bit more sense now when Kaiser turns it in.
    • [Heliseum] The on-screen message when defeating Velderoth has been fixed.
    • Various Kaiser and Luminous skills have had minor text errors corrected.
    • The descriptions of the items "Cold Winter Energy", "Enjoyable Winter" and "Lucky Winter" have been corrected.
    • Placeholder dates have been fixed in various quests and items.
    • [Luminous] The quest "Pressure Void Appreciation" should no longer give incorrect instructions.
    • The quest "Unprovoked Crow Attack" should no longer give incorrect instructions.
    • There is no longer untranslated text when respawning when fighting Magnus.
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