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Cabal Online Interview on Their New Update

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Recently Gameogre.com had a chance to catch up with Anthony Smith the Business Development Manager for Games-Masters.com to ask him a few questions about Cabal Online's new update.


    Gameogre: Could you discuss with us in-detail what the Secrets of Radiant Hall has to offer? What should players expect out of the new 7-man raiding dungeon?

    Games-Masters: They should expect the unexpected! With Radiant Hall a different approach was taken by the development team, with a much greater emphasis placed on the quests and storyline. Players will therefore not only need to over come the monsters inhabiting the Hall but also unravel the hidden secrets and mysteries that are found within the ancient castles walls.
    Those players who do manage to succeed will earn a significant amount of
    experience and the chance of high-quality drops. While those who fail will face the wrath of Drosnin, the fire breathing dragon!

    Gameogre: The solo mission, Catacomb Frost, is new in the game. Can you tell us more details about what it has to offer to players?

    Games-Masters: Catacomb Frost is the latest quest-based solo dungeon to be added to the game. It gives players the chance to try and save a lost and helpless girl who has become trapped within an icy tomb. Yet with only 25 minutes to save her, and wave after wave of monsters standing in your way, it will be no easy task even for the strongest of warriors!

    The dungeon is available in three different difficulty levels – easy, medium
    and hard – and on the most difficult level will provide a challenging, yet
    rewarding, experience. The time limit on the dungeon, and the number of
    monsters that need to be dealt with, will mean players entering this dungeon
    will require skills and bravery in abundance.

    Gameogre: So this new update provides a revamped interface. How exactly
    will this help players navigate the game more easily?

    Games-Masters: The new game interface has been specifically designed to be more user-friendly. This has been achieved through a cleaner style and a better organisation of the different options. The new interface has also expanded the number of skills players can have on their quick bar – a useful
    addition, especially when used in conjunction with the new configurable key

    Gameogre: What new costumes and styles are being introduced?

    Games-Masters: We are constantly adding new costumes and appearances to give players the opportunity to customize their characters. In this update we have added four new options of face appearance and four new options of hair style.

    Additionally a brand new outfit has been added: the Kendo Suit! The costume
    is based off the Japanese Martial Arts outfit and is a very stylish blue outfit for players to wear.

    Gameogre: What does the development team have planned for future updates?

    Games-Masters: We have a full schedule for the next few months, starting with an expansion at the end of the Summer. It will include an increase of the level cap to 180, new skills, new equipment and brand new maps to explore. Stay tuned for more information!




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