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Cal Ripken's Real Baseball Announces First Tournament For 2008 Season

Discussion in 'Game News' started by ogreman, Apr 17, 2008.

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    Free MMO Sports Game Tournament to Involve Teams From Around The World
    Competing Head to Head

    Diamond Bar, California - April 14, 2008 -- Cal Ripken's Real Baseball,
    a massively multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) for baseball,
    announced today they would host a large tournament scheduled to begin
    on May 5, 2008, Cinco de Mayo. For more information, people can visit
    PlayRealBaseball.com and go to the "EVENTS" tab.

    The Cinco de Mayo Invitational will be a single elimination tournament.
    The registration period begins today and will be open until May 4,
    2008. Players can earn their share of over $2,000 in prizes. Prizes
    include memberships to RotoWire.com and JRO High Performance
    Sunglasses from Elite Eyewear.
    Each Tournament game will be six-innings and scheduled three-to-five
    days a week. Real Baseball seeds their tournament based on a first to
    register first seed basis. Players that have reached Level 10 with
    their character are eligible to participate in Real Baseball events
    and at that time, they are also allowed to join or create a team.

    "We are excited to be hosting our first big tournament of the baseball
    season," said Andy Wang, founder and CEO of Netamin Communication
    Corporation. "Cal Ripken's Real Baseball brings video gaming and
    baseball to a whole new level. We hope players will continue enjoying
    the head to head competition not only with tournaments, but also all
    the other events we have to offer."

    Like baseball in real life, Real Baseball hosts different types of
    events throughout the year. These include tournaments, Homerun
    Derbies, and Rookie Challenges. Tournaments for Real Baseball are
    Level based tournaments and grouped into the following categories:
    Minor, Major, All Star and MVP, are either single elimination or
    double elimination, and the bigger events sometime offer a prize.
    Rookie Challenges are fun and educational, intended for new players,
    and are designed to get them ready for the big leagues and the
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