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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Perfect World Entertainment!

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by GameOgreVideos, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    To celebrate Valentine's Day , we are kicking off a slew of in-game events across Perfect World Entertainment's titles and giving players a chance to obtain Valentine gifts. Players can also take advantage of wedding fashions, romantic items, spectacular mounts, mystery boxes, and more!

    Jade Dynasty - JD – Valentine’s in JD Preview | Perfect World Community Blog
    Collective wedding event, a free Tiger Mask for players who get married, and a set of free gifts including a 7-day Aeon Lion mount for every player who logs in on February 14.

    Perfect World International - PWI – Valentine’s Day Event | Perfect World Community Blog
    GMs will be roaming the servers in hopes of finding friendly chit-chat and hugs, while welcoming any photo-op requests. Best event themed screenshot will win his or her choice of a rare mount.

    Rusty Hearts - Valentine’s Day Art Contest | Perfect World Community Blog
    Show your love for Rusty Hearts by entering the art contest to win Roselle Vegerius, the latest premium character in-game.

    Forsaken World
    Players can choose to receive a Valentine's Day card and a random item from four different NPCs. Players can get the random item once per day during the event period. Event lasts from February 14-21.

    War of the Immortals
    Get your chocolate fix in Atlantis by collecting them off the ground and hand them in to an NPC for more experience points. Event lasts from February 14-21.

    Ether Saga Odyssey - Valentine’s Day Events! | Perfect World Community Blog
    Join the masses in getting married, bid for a rare pet, send a custom broadcast message, and enter the screenshot contest for a chance to gain EXP and other special items.
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