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[Champion Suggestion] Nezalon, the Archmage of Demacia

Discussion in 'MOBA' started by Cvele, Nov 10, 2014.


Do you want Nezalon in game?

  1. Yes!

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  2. No!

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  1. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Nezalon was a young boy who lived in Noxus (yes, Noxus). He actually hated living there. His dreams were about abandoning this land of depression by the time he became adult.

    Many years passed and he finally became adult, but he couldn't leave because he had no money to start a new life. Strongly disappointed of Noxus, he decided to find a job. Luckily, the Library of Noxus could afford one more employee.

    A few years passed since Nezalon found the job and he was quite satisfied of it. One day he found a strange book between the others. It was too different, also its title was: The Sorcery of the Ancients. Nezalon opened it from curiosity, but he got so excited about the spells it included and immediately started to study it. He asked from an old friend of him to borrow one of his books about sorcery. After he took it, he compared the two books. The one from the Library, had very powerful spells. The other was just for teaching sorcerer apprentices some basic spells. Then he stole it and practiced with the Forgotten Sorcery of the Ancients. In a few months, he had the same level of spell knowledge as years of study are required using the other book.

    One day, Noxian soldiers found him and asked about the book. Nezalon denied everything. He told them he might have seen it in the Library one hour before leaving. Then, the soldiers left him and headed to the Library. Nezalon quickly packed up everything necessary and left Noxus forever. He asked himself: "Why were the soldiers looking for this book? In Noxus no one cares about items stolen, unless you are a high rank officer on the military. But who cares..."

    One day, while he was travelling, Demacian soldiers found him. They recognized Nezalon was Noxian and arrested him. He was taken to the city and told the Demacian soldiers he hated Noxus and everyone who lived there. The soldiers laughed loudly and put Nezalon in the prison. Therefore, he had no problem with it. His memories of his life in Noxus were worse than this Demacian prison.

    After a long time, the prince came to see his prisoners. He was surprised by Nezalon's hate for Noxians and also by Nezalon's knowledge about the Ancient's Sorcery and offered him a challenge: If Nezalon managed to defeat all the Demacian elite sorcerers, then Jarvan would make Nezalon an Archmage, the highest rank a Demacian sorcerer could get in the military. Nezalon accepted the challenge. The following day, each of the Demacian sorcerers challenged Nezalon to a sorcery fight. No one of them was as skilled as Nezalon and he won every fight. Jarvan, as a prince, kept his promise.

    Since then, Nezalon serves Demacia as an Archmage. Also, he took part in the prince's small but elite strike force. They accomplished many missions as the years passed. In the end, like the prince did, Nezalon joined the League.

    "Not even a Demacian showed such loyalty and devotion to our kingdom"
    -Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

    -Jarvan IV


    I was thought of this Lore first but the other seemed better. However, I posted both of them, so read whichever you want.

    This is from Nezalon's mission journal...

    Day 1: We were all so excited about to start our given mission: stealing documents and reports from Noxian Outposts. The prince himself, Jarvan IV, leaded our small strike force and also inspired and encouraged everyone. I don't know the reason he joined the squad, but he did similar things in the past and their results were beneficial for the entire Denacia. Since then, everyone trusts him. Some of us were disappointed by the fact that we were leaving the Kingdom. Moreover, I took my book about the Ancient Ascendants.

    Day 9: The first Outpost infiltrated with success. I barely find some time to write this. Everyone survived and we sent the documents to Demacia for study. We found Garen on the way to the Outpost and he was pleased to assist. After this, he returned to the Kingdom because his mission was successful.

    Day 16: We have passed the Institute of War and headed down to Noxus. Luckily my efforts as a sorcerer, weren't necessary until now. I only healed a few injured soldiers with some spells I learnt from the book of the Ancients. One more Outpost infiltration was successful, we had casualties though.

    Day 18: We have been detected. The prince's plans about infiltrating the nearest Outpost, faded away. We couldn't attack the Outpost because Noxian reinforcements arrived and the infiltration seemed to be suicide. I started to worry about having a spy among us.

    Day 19: On our way to the last Outpost, we have been ambushed by Noxians, one of them managed to escape, but some of the soldiers chased him down and finally caught him. From his sayings, my hypothesis about the spy was confirmed. Our suspicions were about a soldier who always carried a sack full of blades, I think his name was Talon or something. He might was one of those fellows who died (or pretended he did) during the second infiltration. However,*our mission is in danger, but the prince wants us to keep on.

    Day 23: Today was our last Outpost infiltration. Our plan was to distract the Noxians' attention, so that me and one more soldier could go in and steal the documents. Jarvan and the other soldiers engaged from the Outpost's side and when no Noxian soldiers were at the front gate, we got inside. When we arrived inside the operations' room, no reports and documents existed. Suddenly, we heard someone laughing. After that we saw a man turn into a giant raven. It was him... Before I realise it, my fellow was on the floor unconscious. I summoned Spirits to protect him while I was fighting with Swain. He was very strong, but I managed to weaken him and then I managed to knock him to the wall. He stood up, laughed one more time and then ravens came of from nowhere. Then the ravens disappeared. So did Swain. When I lifted the unconscious soldier next to me, I saw Jarvan with the others walk between Noxian corpses. The prince ordered to return as we've done enough. In a couple of minutes, we packed up and started all the way back to Demacia.

    Day 34: Finally, after all this way and 2 ambushes from Noxian assassins (both failed), we returned home. In the end, I decided I don't want such missions from now on and I joined the League.

    "Not even great fighters have ever shown such bravery and courage as Nezalon"
    -Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

    Primary role: Mage
    Secondary role: Assassin

    Damage: 46 (+2.7 / level) = 94.6 at level 18
    Health: 374 (+79 / level) = 1796 at level 18
    Mana: 243 (+49 / level) = 1125 at level 18
    Armor: 11 (+3.5 / level) = 74 at level 18
    Magic Resist: 30 (+0.0 / level) = 30 at level 18
    Health regen./5 sec: 4.8 (+0.6 / level) = 15.6 at level 18
    Mana regen./5 sec: 6.65 (+0.65 / level) = 18.35 at level 18
    Range: 550 (Ranged)
    Attack Speed: 0.625 (+1.8% / level) = 0.827 at level 18
    Movement Speed: 330

    (The stats refer to level 0 champion)


    Passive: Rise of the Forgotten Sorcery

    Spell casts that occur within 750 range from Nezalon's position, grant him "Forgotten Sorcery" stacks. When Nezalon has AT LEAST 2 STACKS, he can reactivate one of his abilities which is ON COOLDOWN ONLY(ultimate excluded). Reactivation consumes a set number of stacks (2/4/7/10) and grants Nezalon and the reactivated ability bonus effects, depending on the number of stacks consumed. Nezalon can reactivate each ability only twice before the cooldown ends. The first reactivation costs 200% Mana and the second reactivation costs 300% Mana (the ability which is casted normally is supposed to cost 100% Mana). Mana cost resets, when the ability is ready for use again.
    Max number of stacks: 10

    2 stacks: Increases reactivated ability's damage by 20% and reduces the Mana cost of the next normal ability, which is cast within 3 seconds, by 25%

    4 stacks: Increases reactivated ability's damage by 25% and grants Nezalon a shield for 1.5 seconds that absorbs 50/100/150(+40% AP) damage

    7 stacks: Increases reactivated ability's damage by 35%, stuns enemies hit for 0.75 seconds and restores 20/25/30% of Nezalon's missing Mana over 5 seconds

    10 stacks: Increases reactivated ability's damage by 50%, grants Nezalon a shield for 2 seconds that absorbs 75/150/225(+60% AP) damage, stuns enemies hit for 1 second and reduces their Magic Resist by 10/15/20 for 3 seconds

    Nezalon's reactivations count as spells and grant 1 stack each, but only when the number of stacks consumed isn't equal to the number of stacks stored

    Q: Curse of Weakness

    Nezalon marks an area with magic. After a 0.5 second delay, enemies in the area are dealt 60/85/110/135/160(+40% AP) magic damage over 4 seconds. If the target hit is a single enemy champion, they have their Attack Damage and Ability Power decreased by 8/12/16/20/24% for the duration.

    Skill type: Targeted area
    Range: 850
    AoE damage range: A circle with 250 diameter
    Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 Mana
    Cooldown: 4/4/4/4/4 seconds

    W: Wrath of Earth

    Nezalon opens Earth Chasms on the target area, dealing 40/55/70/85/100 (+30% AP) magic damage to all enemies inside the area. After a 2 second delay, flames come out from the chasms, dealing an additional 60/80/105/125/150 (+45% AP) magic damage to all enemies inside the area and slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds. For the next 5 seconds, enemies in the area have their Magic Resist reduced by 10/17/24/31/38 and are dealt an additional 20/27/35/42/50 (+15% AP) magic damage each second.

    Skill type: Targeted area
    Range: 725
    AoE damage Range: A circle with 450/475/500/525/550 diameter
    Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
    Cooldown: 23/21/19/17/15 seconds

    E: Fury of the Spirits

    Nezalon summons 2/2/3/3/4 Spirits that move to the selected target. Each time a Spirit collides with an enemy unit, it deals 45/70/95/120/145(+40% AP) magic damage to it and fearing it for 1 second.
    Enemy cast: If at least one of the Spirits reaches the target within 3 seconds, the target is dealt 70/105/145/180/220 (+65% AP) magic damage and becomes feared for 1.5 seconds.
    Ally cast (but not Nezalon): If at least one of the Spirits reach the targeted ally, a protective shield is formed for 1.5 seconds it, that blocks the next enemy ability.

    Skill type: Target select
    Range: 650
    Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 Mana
    Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13 seconds

    R: Grace of the Ancient Ascendants

    Upon activating, Nezalon gains max number (10) of "Forgotten Sorcery" stacks. Also he gains 50/75/100 additional AP for 6/8/10 seconds and can reactivate the next ability at no cost.
    Within 3/4/5 seconds, Nezalon can activate this ability one more time, losing the additional 50/75/100 AP and gaining 10/15/20(+10% AP)% movement speed for 3 seconds.

    This ability cannot be reactivated consuming stacks and additional Mana like Nezalon's primary abilities

    Skill type: Self-Cast/Buff
    Range: Self
    Cost: 100/100/100 Mana
    Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds

    Recommended items
    Sorcerers Shoes
    Liandry's Torment
    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Rod of Ages
    Zhonya's Hourglass
    Seraph's Embrace

    Mana is valuable for Nezalon. Reactivate abilities only when you are pretty sure they'll hit enemies
    Buying Mana increase and Mana regeneration items such as Rod of Ages, Archangel's staff and Athene's Unholy Grail, really helps you with the reactivated abilities' increased Mana cost
    When having 6 or 9 stacks, casting a normal ability and then reactivating it twice can damage a lot a single target enemy
    Use your E to protect one of your allies who is about to take serious damage

    Counter Tips
    Use your spells wisely in order not giving Nezalon the opportunity to make his reactivations more powerful
    When Nezalon is about to reactivate an ability and you see him have 3, 6 or 9 stacks, quickly cast 1 of your abilities so that he won't gain stack from the reactivation
    Don't gather your team in one spot. A triple cast from Nezalon W can severely damage all of you
    When the Spirits are after you, try not passing through your team, because the Spirits may not fear you, but they will fear your allies
    Prepare for Nezalon to play offensively when he has activated his ultimate
    Try to avoid all-ins while affected by Nezalon's curse
    Avoid standing inside Wrath of Earth's area in order not to receive more damage


    "Demacia, you now have the Ancients by your side!"

    "Feeling powerful..."
    "On my way to glory..."
    "Demacia has a powerful ally"
    "I feel the energy of that place"

    "Here, have a taste of...pain"
    "Lets turn them into dust"
    "The Forgotten Sorcery will destroy them"
    "The Ancients shall watch their doom"

    Casting W:
    "Earth! Hear my call!"
    "Chasms shall open..."

    Casting E on an enemy:
    "You made the Spirits angry..."

    If the target is feared from a Spirit:
    "Move away! Otherwise more shall come..."

    Casting E on an ally:
    "Spirits! Protect my fellow!"

    Casting R:
    "The power is mine!"
    "The gift of the Ancients!"

    Reactivating ability with 2 stacks consumed:
    "More power to the spell!"
    "Mana is valuable..."

    Reactivating ability with 4 stacks consumed:
    "Protect me Ancients!"
    "The spell is stronger!"

    Reactivating ability with 7 stacks consumed:
    "Even more power to the spell!"
    "Restore my power..."

    Reactivating ability with 10 stacks consumed:
    "Feel the power of the Forgotten Sorcery!"
    "All power to the spell!"
    "Unlimited power!"

    Nezalon pretends his spellbook is a dictionary and searches for word Noxian:
    "Noxian... Noxian... Oh here it is. A civilian of Noxus who is well-known for his kindness, humour and sensitivity. Ha ha."

    "Come closer...and watch Forgotten Sorcery destroy you!"

    Taunting Swain:
    "You shouldn't be a raven Swain, you should be a chicken"
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  2. KoFiCa

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  3. Mihajlo

    Mihajlo Clubbed for Trying to Cash Out

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    - 32.66
    Great idea, i like his passive the most and i think that he would be op as support :)
  4. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Well it's kind of mage, but he can pass like support, after all we play Annie support..why not Nelazon :))
  5. paksupro4

    paksupro4 Ogre Prince Ogre Veteran

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    Again ... nice job dude :D
  6. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    thank you... :)
  7. arZ

    arZ Banned The Pit

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    nice creations .... well done :)
  8. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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  9. TheMaDog

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  10. ID Klaus

    ID Klaus MMORPG Addict Ogre Regular

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    nice idea but i dont think this is ur idea ; )
  11. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    As i said it's not full mine i copy stats, and i make rest :)
  12. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise Cold Heart The Pit

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    Amazing... How the noxian despises his nation.. Omg i likey!
  13. Izraphel

    Izraphel Ogre Extraordinaire Royal Ogre

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    This might be the best lore story you got!! I really like the idea of a noxian hating noxus!! I mean Demacia is all shiny and pretty while noxus is like .... especially for the weak!! So yeah we want this sorcerer!!

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