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[CHAMPION SUGGESTION]Qxiana, Charmdame of Fear

Discussion in 'MOBA' started by Cvele, Nov 10, 2014.


Do you want Qxiana in game?

  1. Yes!

    9 vote(s)
  2. No!

    2 vote(s)
  1. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Shadow Isles vs The Void.... Shadow Isles tries to get The Void, and The Void tries to get Shadow Isles... Viciously fighting...

    One time Hecarim comes to Void. He wants to steal little new Void baby, Qxiana, people are saying, that she can fire hard magical bolts. Parents want her to be a sorrowful defender of The Void. Hecarim thinks that Shadow Isles need this little baby, but it has little problem, Elise does not want magical people to be in Shadow Isles, she wants darkness and very sorrowful people.

    Elise thinks that Hecarim is the the strongest and the best, therefore she sends him. After many hours Hecarim returns with little beatiful and magical Qxiana.

    First mission is completed, now here is the second mission: make Qxiana a girl of darkness. Her childhood will be outside in darkness and when she gets older, she will have a battle training of darkness.

    In her 8th year, begins her first battle training of darkness. She is still magical, but little darker. She must kill one of Elise's spiders of darkness. The little spider is very easy to kill and she killed it. But Elise thinks that her efforts to change magical Qxiana to dark Qxiana is useless, because Qxiana is still magical after her first battle training of darkness. She completes other battle trainings but she’s still magical.

    But in one battle training, something very bad happened. She was fighting against a monster of Shadow Isles. And the monster cut off Qxiana’s left ear and took her left eye! Elise comes to her quickly and gives to her her Ribbon of Shadow Isles on her Left Ear and her left eye. Now she knows, that her idea to change Qxiana is useless. With high sadness she sends her back to The Void.

    But this Ribbon of Shadow Isles... It change her from magical to dark!

    Qxiana is sad in Void. She has got here through Popular Void Pater, but Elise is not here. She liked her very much. But Qxiana has an idea! She wants to reveal the mystery of Popular Void Water to Shadow Isles. For this she travels to Shadow Isles, goes to Elise and tells her about the Popular Void Water. Then Shadow Isles fighters take boats, and go to Void to steal this Water. They return with a lot of
    Popular Void Water.

    Qxiana is still magical... But now she is darker.

    "For my Elise I will do everything!" - - Qxiana

    Friends: Elise, Hecarim
    Enemies: Kog' Maw

    Role: Marksman
    Type: Ranged (525)


    Health: 394 (74 per level)
    HP Regen / 5s: 6.44 (0.51 per level)
    MP: 191 (42 per level)
    MP Regen / 5s: 5.84 (0.44 per level)
    Attack Speed: 0.668 (3.1% per level)
    AD: 46 (2.9 per level)
    Armor: 11 (2.1 per level)
    MR: 28
    Attack Power: ( / / / / / / / / / /)
    Defensive Power: ( / / / / . . . . . .)
    Magical Power: ( / . . . . . . . . .)
    Diffculity: ( / / / / / / . . . .)


    Show Void (passive)

    On each attack Qxiana gets 1 stack of Show Void, each is giving 1% Armor Penteration. Up to 20 stacks.
    When she attacks an enemy champion with maximum stacks, her next ability increases from darkness efect to magical effect. After using increased ability, she looses all stacks.

    Ability Notes:

    Runnan Hurricane Bolts WILL giving stacks.

    Q - Aggrieved by Poor

    Qxiana fires a shot of Poor, dealing 50/85/120/155/190 (110% Bonus Attack Damage) (65% Ability Power) physical damage to first enemy hit. The target will become feared for 1 second. If the shot hits an enemy which is below 50% of his max HP, damage increases by 25%. For minions dealing double damage, and if Qxiana kills minion, she gets back mana and reduce the cooldown of this ability on 2 seconds.
    - PASSIVE BONUS EFFECT: Enemy is stunned instead of feared and the duration is increased to 1.5. Additionally it deals same damage to enemies behind target (does not apply the stun or fear for them).

    Range: 935 (skillshot)
    Range behind target: 300
    Mana: 50/60/70/80/90
    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8
    Additional - Missile Speed: 800

    W - Death Tomb

    Passive: The auto-atttack against enemy champion that allows for Qxiana increasing one of her abilities will reduce Qxiana's cooldowns for each ability by 4 seconds.

    Active: Qxiana puts a Death Tomb on ground for 4 seconds, noone can go trough it., and will behave as a wall. By placing Qxiana pushes each enemy from Tomb's environs, and the enemy take magic damage equal to 4% (0.25% per Qxiana's level) of his maximum health. The Death Tomb deals 10/15/20/25/30 true damage every second to each enemy near the Tomb.

    -PASSIVE BONUS EFFECT:Qxiana and her allies can go trough the Tomb (enemies still can't). Additionally, damage per second is increased by 15% of Qxiana's total Attack Damage.

    Width of Tomb: 500/575/650/725/800
    Range to create Tomb: 775
    Diameter of damage : 620
    Mana: 80
    Cooldown: 25

    Notes to this ability:

    The cooldown reduction from passive is not affected by Runaan's Hurricane passive.

    E - Plasma Blessing

    Qxiana's next bassic attack within 6 seconds will deal 25/45/65/85/105 (40% Bonus Attack Damage) bonus physical damage, mark the target with Void Debuff for 1 second and applies Greivous Grounds for him for 3 seconds. If Qxiana basic attacks the marked enemy, she gets two stacks of Show Void as once.
    -PASSIVE BONUS EFFECT: Bounces to up to 2 nearby enemies (Void debuff is applied for every target, Grievous Wounds just for bassic). The second target take just 25/45/65/85/105 (75% Attack Damage) physical damage and the third just 33% damage of the second. Additionally, duration of Void Buff is increased to 1.5 seconds (buff duration is increased to 2 seconds if it doesn't bounce)

    Range of bounce: 400
    Mana: 40
    Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

    Notes to this ability:

    Bolts from Runaan's Hurricane’s passive will bounce.

    R - Pulse to infarct

    After 1 second of not taking damage or after 4 seconds, Qxiana will become invisible for 4 seconds, over first second of invisible she cannot attacks or casting her abilities,[/U] but over the first second of invisible her move speed is increased by 80% . When she becomes visible, she fires The noisy wave of infarct in front of her, dealing 65/240/425 (90% Attack Damage) physical damage to each enemy hit and fears them for 2 seconds. Additionally, for every enemy hit the fear duration is reduced by 0.25 (fear duration can be reducot to 0.00).
    -PASSIVE BONUS EFFECT: Missile Speed is highly increased. Additionally, Qxiana gains 70 more movement speed while invisible.

    Range: 1250/2000/2750
    Mana: 150
    Cooldown: 150/135/120
    Additional - Missile Speed: 2000/7000

    Notes to this ability:
    Noisy wave of infarct is fired automatically (smart cast), you cannot choose the target area
    For firing the Noisy Wave of infarct she must reveal herself. Revealing by Wards or Reveal debuff does NOT compel Qxiana to fire the Wave.

    Reccomended items:

    Starting items: Doran's Blade, Health potion, Warding totem
    Eseintal items: Berserker's Greaves, Runaan's Hurricane, The Bloodthister
    Offensive items: Phantom Dancer, The Black Cleaver, Essence Reaver, Blade of the Ruined King
    Defensive items: Zephyr, Guradian's Angel

    Example final build (ADC): Berserker's Greaves, Runaan's Hurricane, The Bloodthister, Guradian's Angel, Essence Reaver, Blade of the Ruined King



    9x Mark of Attack damage, 9x Seal of Armor, 9x Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, 3x Quintessence of Attack Damage

    How to play Qxiana:

    -If you fight alone against multiple champions, save increased Pulse to infarct for escaping.
    -Buy Runaan's Hurricane, it sinergyses very well with increased Plasma Blessing.
    -Be careful on which ability you are increasing.
    -Be careful not to block the way when you use Death Tomb!
    -Try to fear the target first with Pulse to Infarct and then with Aggrieved by poor
    -Use Plasma Blessing get Show Void stacks faster.

    How to play against Qxiana:

    -When she uses increased Plasma Blessing, move from your allies.
    -Be careful not to get feared twice, it can mean certain death.
    -Buy Tenciality not be feared for so long.
    -Go away from increased Death Tomb, it can deal high amounts of damage. But pick a good way!
    -Try to pick a champion that can dash trough the Tomb.

    Best Ability Combo:

    R, increased E, Q, W

    Qxiana is good against:
    -Caitlyn. Qxiana can fear her when she uses her ulti.
    -Lucian. Fear him when he uses his ulti
    -Ezreal. Same like caitlyn - fear him when he uses his ulti.
    -Urgot. Qxiana can fear him when he uses his ulti
    -Jinx. Fear her when she uses her ulti.

    Qxiana is bad against:

    -Vayne. She can stun Qxiana and then Qxiana will be helpless.
    -Sivir. I don’t know why, but Qxiana hasn’t got any benefits when fighting against her.
    -Nautilus. He has lots of cc.
    -Akali. She can dodge Qxiana's fear abilities with her ultimates.

    Qxiana goes well with:

    -Fiddlesticks. Fear + fear + fear + silence = disable enemy's movement for 5 seconds and make abilities usage for 6 seconds.
    -Braum. Braum is good support. Fear + fear + stun + stun = op combination.
    -Taric. Fear + Fear + op stun + op heal = gg

    Skin Features:

    Innate Qxiana (1350 RP)

    Her darkness form can be sunnny form, and magical form can be night form. Her W can be something like lounger, and increased w something like Tree of owls.
    Note: Sunny form Quotes are like Magical form Qutoes, and Night form Quotes are Quotes with Night accent (like Evelynn).

    Void Unstealed Qxiana (750 RP)

    Darkness form can be like Qxiana when she was baby, Magical form can be same (so she is adult). Her W can be some... Diapers . Darkness form Quotes can have kidish accent.

    QX-mastIANA (1350, Showdown Snowdown Legacy Skin)

    Snowy and Santa


    Note: Qxiana has accent of Shadow Isles. But if she received all stacks of Show Void, her accent will normal.

    Champion select:
    "Hey summoner, that's your pick. You can pick fear or magic."

    "It's quite a good idea, but you don’t pick the best strategy."
    "As you wish"
    "No problem to do it"
    "It looks like somebody released magic. I'll go collect it!"
    "Ahh... I hope that next time you will have a better idea"
    "Magic wants to do it, but fear doesn’t"
    "Darkness - magic wind is behind me"
    "Oh, man, you are so imaginative!"
    "I love to do your job!"
    "Altough I am magical, but i am dark too!"
    "So darkness in Void, so Magic in Shadow Isles!"
    "I can't gladden everybody"
    "Shadow is thing which i mostly active"
    "Magical Weapon? No, just dark"
    "And the second part of your plane is?"
    "If you can't be dark, you can't be my ruler!"
    "Too easy!"
    "Ehm... Dark Power is too dark!"
    "So... DARKNESS!"
    "I so like magical things!"

    "Ahhh! Fear for everybody!"
    "Can you see magic? It goes to your face."
    "Blood for everybody!"
    "Their pulse go to infarct!"
    "I have no fear. But you maybe do!"
    "So, who want die?"
    "I betrayal you!"
    "Do you listen my pulse? Your is too higher!"
    "Ambush to darkness!"
    "No. You'll suffer slowly, i like listen your pulse"
    "I recommend for you listen your hearth, if you think that you're better like me"
    "Omb-omb....... omb-omb...omb-omb..omb-omb-omb-omb-ombomb-ombombombombombbbb, HAHAHAHA!"
    "Darkness grabs you! Because you need it!"
    "Bleesing of Darkness! Your favourite! hahaha!"
    "Everybody deads"
    "I really kill everybody!"

    Animation: Magic goes out.
    "Ohh... What will i do now? Knit?"
    "Don’t tell this to magic: I trade magic with fear!"
    "Chance that you kill me now is 99.99%. Strangely, when I have Magic that chance is higher."
    "It... and don't like me? Hahaha, no. Everybody must go on WC. Or not?"

    Animation: Start fantastic dance (other dance like her /dance).
    "Oh, you can’t do this!"
    "Aren’t I fantastic?"
    "I trade Magic and Fear with cool!"
    "If you ambush to darkness, you can do this, but you don't want to. Hahaha!"

    Additional Quotes:

    Upon receiving stacks of Show Void:

    ".... Magic?"
    ".... What's this power?"
    ".... What?"
    " What's this?"
    " What's this? What's this? What's thiiis?"

    Upon receiving all stacks of Show Void:

    " Some power is touching me!"
    " So magical!"
    " Where's my darkness?"

    Upon using Q:

    "Be scaried!"

    Upon using W:

    "So much souls!"
    "Return of Shadow Isles!"

    Upon Using E:

    "Ambush to darkness!"
    "Dark Power"
    "Void's darkness!"

    Upon using R:

    "Where am I? Hahahaha!"
    "I am leaving you, but not long!"
    "Your pulse is growing!"

    Upon firing Noisy Wave of Infarct:


    Upon suriv enemy Qxiana's Noisy Wave of Infarct:

    "My pulse was not so high!"

    Upon Diyng:

    "I'll sure back!"
    "Oh... How?"

    Upon use recall:

    "Darkness guards you!"
    "You'll see my shadow forever!"
    "I don't die now..."

    Upon buying Runnaan's Hurricane:

    "I'm bleesing these bolts!"
    "Give me a luck please!"

    Upon Buying the Bloodthister:

    "Blood weapon are too nice!"
  2. KoFiCa

    KoFiCa MMORPG Addict Ogre Warrior

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  3. Mihajlo

    Mihajlo Clubbed for Trying to Cash Out

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    - 32.66
    I really like her kit (especially the skillshot fear) ,but her passive bonus is op (imo)
  4. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Yes, a little bit :D
  5. arZ

    arZ Banned The Pit

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    dont like the artwork ... that could be better but the champ idea is great :)
    really ... n1 ... show us more .)
  6. FrendlyLeBlanc

    FrendlyLeBlanc King of Shadows and Rockets The Pit

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    Good ideas from you...
    Send that toRiot hahaha :D
  7. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise Cold Heart The Pit

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    Ahah.. Can't it be magical and dark at the same time? :3
  8. Izraphel

    Izraphel Ogre Extraordinaire Royal Ogre

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    Looks great and even sounds great!! But dont we have enough void users already?? Though still no girl!!! So i say yes!

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