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[Champion Suggestion] Sanguis, the Bloodthirster

Discussion in 'MOBA' started by Cvele, Nov 7, 2014.

Do you want Sanguis in game?

  1. Yes!

    8 vote(s)
  2. No!

    2 vote(s)
  1. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Sanguis, The Blood Fetishist:


    In the time Singed was trying to make the strongest potion, he managed to create one, that in theory would make a man invincible. However, he afraid of what could happen so he seeked someone to test it instead of him. There was only one man who offered himself. His name was Teldran. He lost his family and his home in the war and no one would cry for him if something wrong would happen. So Singed took him to his laboratory and prepared him for the test. When Teldran drank the potion the hell started. The pain he was feeling can't be described in words, the screams could be heard from miles away... His body was burning inside and his eyes became as red as blood is. After the long hours of pain, he finally survived. He wasn't the same man anymore. He got mad and he lost his control. Singed tried to immobilize him but without any success. He was too fast and too strong to be hold. He could kill Singed, but in exchange for the gift, he didn't hurt him, and left his laboratory, killing everyone else in his path. After that Singed went to the League and told them about Teldran. The League managed to capture him and limit his powers but it cost hundreds of lives.
    After a few years he came back, he called himself Sanguis and joined the League for reasons only he knew. Summoners were afraid of him at the beggining. He was only sitting in his room waiting to be summoned to be able to feel the taste of blood again. In time he became popular on the dark side of the summoners and was seen more times on the battlefield.
    Since then Singed never tested his potions on other people to never let this happen anymore.
    „I dont make mistakes too often, but this was a big one”

    Lore was written by: FaiTh Of DeaTh
    Thank you!

    Attributes: melee, bruiser, jungler.

    Base stats:
    Health 442 (+86) (1990 at lvl 18)
    Attack damage 50 (+3) (106 at lvl 18)
    Health regen. 6 (+0.75) (19,5 at lvl 18)
    Attack speed 0.660 (+2.7%) (0,98 at lvl 18)
    Armor 20 (+3) (74 at lvl 18)
    Magic resist. 27 (+1.25) (49,5 at lvl 18)
    Range 125
    Mov. speed 350

    AttackPower: 9/10
    Defensepower: 5/10
    Abilitypower: 2/10
    Difficulty: 4/10


    [​IMG]Blood fetish (Passive):
    Each time Sanguis attacks or kills a target, he gains blood. Maximum bloodcap is 100. If he is not capped, he feels bloodthirst, increasing his lifesteal by 0,1/0,15/0,2/0,25% per each blood point he is missing. (Leveling at 1-6-11-16). Blood points persist through death, and never lost, until consumed. Sanguis passively starts with 25 blood.
    Attacking a small monster or minion grants 1 blood. On kill he gains 3 blood.
    Attacking a large monster, Dragon, Baron, Vilemaw or cannon minion grants 2 blood. On kill he gains 5 blood.
    Attacking an enemy champion grants 3 blood. On champion kill or assist, he gains 10 blood.

    [​IMG]Vendetta (Q):
    Sanguis gathers power from blood to scrape the target with his hands, dealing 30/65/100/135/170 (+1 per attack damage) physical damage to a single target, and applies on-hit effects. Each blood point you have increases the damage dealt by Vendetta by 0,25% (25% maximum). If Vendetta kills the target, refunds it's blood cost.
    - Costs 10 blood.
    - 4,5/4/3,5/3/2,5 seconds cooldown
    - 250 range.

    (Basic blood-dump ability with low cooldown to deal heavy damage. The trade is: with low blood, you have better lifesteal, with high blood, you deal more damage.) Offensive steroid.

    [​IMG]Blood barrier (W):
    Sanguis uses the power of blood to gain a protective barrier, which decreases all damage taken (except from melee/caster minions, small monsters and damage over time) by 4/8/12/16/20 (+5 per 100 attack damage and ability power) and the attacker suffers the decreased damage as magic damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times (You get the first stack when activating the ability). Maximum 5 attacks can be decreased, and each decrease costs 1/2/3/4/5 (Max. 5/10/15/20/25) blood. Lasts for 5 seconds or if you run out of blood. Maximum 60/120/180/240/300 (+ 75% ad and ap) damage decrease.
    - Costs 0 blood (initial cost), then 1/2/3/4/5 blood every time he decreases any damage.
    - 18/16,5/15/13,5/12 seconds cooldown.

    (This works like an enhanced thornmail, but with cooldown. Greatly increases surviving and jungling potencial. To better understand this ability, at max level, the first incoming damage is reduced by 20 (+5% ad and ap), and damages back 20 (+5% ad and ap) physical damage. Since this ability stacks, for example, the fifth attack against Sanguis is reduced by an amount of 5x20=100 (+25% ad and ap), and damages back the same as magic damage, so pretty consider attacking Sanguis multiple times while his barrier is active.) Defensive steroid.

    [​IMG]Anger (E):
    Passive: Sanguis gains 4/5,5/7/8,5/10% bonus movement speed and increases tenacity by the same percent. Dealing any non-periodic damage to an enemy champion reduces Anger's cooldown by 1 second. This includes damage from Blood barrier too.
    Active: Sanguis is getting anger, generating 1/2/3/4/5 blood/second for 5 seconds. Under the effect, he gains 20/25/30/35/40% attack speed, triples the movement speed and tenacity bonus from passive and ignores unit collision.
    - Costs 0 blood.
    - 25 seconds cooldown.

    (This ability greatly increases your blood-gaining potencial throughout the game.) Can be deactivated due to his ultimate. Utility steroid.

    [​IMG]Bloodbath (R):
    Sanguis consumes all of his current blood to gain bonus stats for each blood point he is consumed for 10 seconds. Channeled for 0,5 seconds. Under the effect, your abilities cost no blood.
    If Bloodbath is used while Anger is active, Sanguis gains 0,5/1/1,5 bonus attack damage for each blood point he is consumed. (Maximum 50/100/150 bonus attack damage)
    If Bloodbath is used while Anger is not active, Sanguis gains 0,2/0,4/0,6 bonus attack damage, armor and magic resist for each blood point he is consumed. (Maximum 20/40/60 attack damage, armor and magic resist.)
    - Consumes all current blood
    - 80/70/60 seconds cooldown.

    (This can heavily increase your damage output. With 100 blood conusmed, you may 2-3 hit squishies, but it needs a lot of farm and time to get 100 blood. If you get in an unexpected fight without blood, you can use Bloodbath to free cast your other spells and generate blood.)

    Recommended items:
    Starting items: Boots of speed + 3 health potion
    Essential items: Phage, Mercury's treads, The brutalizer
    Offensive items: Ravenous Hydra, Wit's end, Blade of the Ruined King, Zephyr
    Defensive items: Frozen mallet, Spirit visage, Randuin's Omen, Locket of the Iron Solari

    Playing as Sanguis:
    - Use Anger to generate some blood if there is nothing to attack, even you can learn it at level 1 to get some initial blood.
    - Consider buying a Phage or Frozen mallet because of the lacks of CC and try to get more bonus movement speed to catch up enemies.
    - Using his ultimate with fully capped blood is a win.

    Playing against Sanguis:
    - Harass him hard with ranged attacks. He doesn’t have any gap-closer, ranged or crowd control ability.
    - Be aware of his Blood barrier. You can even kill yourself if you attack him when you are at low Hp.
    - Without blood he can do nothing, but when he touches you, you are dead. He deals only physical damage, consider stacking some armor.


    Champion selection:
    "Dinner time!"

    „My hunger is growing stronger!”
    „I’m starving”!
    "blood spots shows my way"
    "I'm just walking and walking"

    "Come, feed me"
    „Let me taste you!”
    "Come to daddy!"
    "Taste like chicken"
    Attacking mechanical champions (For example Blitzcrank): Aah, that's not fair, where is your blood?...
    "Just one bit!"
    "Do not fear, I'll be quick"

    „I Wanna' drink some strong..hm..Just a mug of blood please!"
    „Bloody Hell!”
    "Will you marry me, Mira?" (The first female champion in the League he saw. Sanguis immediately felt in love with her. She is the only person who can broke the ice on Sanguis' heart.)

    „I’m smellin’ like a… hmm… ’think I need a bloodbath”
    „Is that my food running there?”

    Secret quote when killing Vladimir: "No more concurrency!"
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 9, 2014
  2. Mihajlo

    Mihajlo Clubbed for Trying to Cash Out

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    - 32.66
    Idea is great but his base damage/scales should be decreased significantly :)
  3. cemex

    cemex Espion Ogre Veteran

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    Not bad idea
  4. Croco12

    Croco12 The Crocodile The Pit
    1. TSM

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    In my opinion he is same like Vladimir.
  5. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Attack damage 56 (+3) (110 at lvl 18) to
    Attack damage 50 (+3) (106 at lvl 18)
  6. KoFiCa

    KoFiCa MMORPG Addict Ogre Warrior

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    As Matija said he looks pretty much like Vladimir
  7. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Sanguis is his brother :D
  8. Admin Post

    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    Like these type of things, keep it up:).
  9. arZ

    arZ Banned The Pit

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    yea ... really cool thing!
    You deserve a trophy .. .)
  10. Cvele

    Cvele The Bane of League Ogre Regular

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    Thank you guys :)
  11. Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise Cold Heart The Pit

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    Yes! c: what a big mistakey indeed
  12. Izraphel

    Izraphel Ogre Extraordinaire Royal Ogre

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    Hmm he looks a lot like Vladimir to me so i gotta say no here!!! Still good work!!

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