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Chivalry Community Brabble #7

Discussion in 'Multiplayer Action' started by LosmiK, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

    LosmiK Mr. LosmiK Ogre Veteran

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    Sound the battle horn! It’s time for your regular update of new content from the global Chivalry community. In this Brabble: knifey spooney, king vs. king, tilt-shift videography and more.

    The Terrible Terrowin

    Awesome fan art of the Mason Order’s King Malric by OVERLORD.


    Tempest takes the tourney

    Tempest takes the top prize in the weekend’s Blood & Coin Championship! Congrats from Torn Banner on a great tournament.



    When a whole server just stops fighting each other + lets the kings 1v1 #JustChivalryThings. via Chivna


    Super soaker

    A gloriously wet Mason victory. via Sir Galahad the pure


    Knife to meet you

    Looks like someone lost a game of knifey spooney. via ℭℳℐℭ.西老稿


    WTF was that?

    That feeling when you get reverse-overhead’d for the 1st time. via XxX_MLG_WALRUS_M9_XxX


    Chivalry: Total War

    This neat bird’s eye screenshot makes Chivalry look more like Age of Empires! via ℨṧώ║★Gringo.RU★



    Don’t drink and Vanguard. Photoshoppe Challenge entry by Abe Lincoln.



    One of our favourite older Chivalry videos – feat. slow-mo & tilt-shift by Spectalys.

    Winter in the Workshop

    Did you know that anyone – even you – is able to design and sell items for players to use in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare? The Winter Soldier is an upcoming Agatha Knight helmet & Sword of War set coming soon to Chivalry, from Workshop creator Oilystool. Check out the full Workshop page for more images and info!


    Hey girrrl

    Does your cat wear armor, only respond to “milord” and insist on eating his kibbles from a pewter plate?

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