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Combat Arms enlists two million soldiers and celebrates with exciting events & update

Discussion in 'MMOFPS and Online Shooters' started by GameOgreVideos, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Nexon Europe is thrilled to announce that it has surpassed two million players in its popular free-to-play FPS, Combat Arms. This two million milestone marks the ongoing success of the game in the European gaming market, and to celebrate there will be a number of exciting events taking place throughout September, offering soldiers the chance to receive some great rewards, as well as embarking on a new mission in its new map, ‘Dredge’.

    After reaching over two million players in just eight months from hitting one million, Combat Arms is locked and loaded for the next four weeks to celebrate this great achievement with the ‘Autumn of 2,000,000 Soldiers’ event. Soldiers will be able to receive rewards from extra EXP/GP to new gears including HiSec keys, supply crate MYST-G and even a special Guillotine blade. There are lots of chances for players to get involved with this big event including a special daily log in reward and 100% bonus EXP and GP on all servers throughout the weekends.

    Also, soldiers will be able to participate in ‘Gift one, Get one’ where drop rate of the HiSec Cases will be increased on all servers. Moreover, any soldier who decides to gift a black HiSec key to their comrades will receive the same number back from central command. And if this wasn’t enough, Combat Arms is also holding a 20 days login bonus for any soldier that logs in to the game at least 20 days within September. Every candidate will receive ten EXP and GP bonus passes, and will also be in with a chance of winning a 30 day ‘Super Elite Moderator’ bonus or a have 90 day use of a Guillotine blade.

    Combat Arms is also continuing with its monthly updates, and is bringing a brand new map to the game this September. Operation ‘Dredge’ will need soldiers to infiltrate the terrorist’s plans of their elaborate system of bombs throughout the city’s sewer system, and execute a mission to stop the terrorists from creating mass destruction. However, it will take more than raining bullets to stop them; it will take some serious guts!

    Along with this exciting new map, users will be able to get their hands on some very valuable weapons on the Black Market, with the new GP and NX items that Nexon Europe is bringing to the game.

    Also, new features to the game have been added within the update including a new video recording feature, as well as a YouTube uploading feature. This will allow users to not only create their own game play videos a lot easier, but will also enable them to share with a wider community. And as an incentive for soldiers to try this out, a second ‘Capture the Video’ contest is taking place, where soldiers need to create a video of their game play relating to the ‘Fire Team’ mode and upload it to YouTube. It’s up to the players with what they choose to upload, so could be an excellent display of team play on 'Desert Thunder' or a one man show on 'Cabin Fever'!

    Combat Arms is 100% free to play, there are no monthly subscription fees and no “locked†premium areas.

    To find out more about the game, the Autumn of 2,000,000 soldiers celebrations or any of the new features included in the update, visit COMBAT ARMS EUROPE or become a Facebook fan here Combat Arms Europe | Facebook
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