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Current Levels For Everyone?

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Drama, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Drama

    Drama Clubbed with The Big Club

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    Well for anyone that is interested on GO they can list their main characters here and see where everyone else is currently if they are curious or don't have people added or just don't play on the same main server (EU, West, East).

    As for me:

    I have 1 of each main character type. All related to Ichigohollowfied (except Ichigohollowfied because someone took it....) Then I have a 2nd for each. All are low levels but I will list my main characters.

    Angela - Magic Scythe - Level 20 ~ Gave up on her due to lack of high hits + only good in parties. (Lack of people for parties)

    Tude - Gauntlet - Level 28 ~ Currently Working on him. Dedicating this as my main unless I want to get Frantz up.
Thread Status:
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