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Dead Meets Lead Interview with Gameogre.com

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Gameogre had the chance to ask Keldyn Interactive about their new and very interesting sounding game Dead Meets Lead.

    Gameogre: We are all excited about Keldyn Interactive’s new game Dead Meets Lead. With its stunning zombie graphics and colonial setting, Dead Meets Lead has garnered a lot of public attention since the opening of beta sign ups. Can you tell us more about the game?

    DML: Absolutely! The idea for Dead Meets Lead was and is to create a third person shooter with simple controls and actions, but where you have to utilize these to the max to complete the levels. Most of enemies are likewise simple in themselves, with usually only one or two abilities, but they prove to be very challenging when you face groups with several different types of enemies.

    Gameogre: How did the idea of zombies and the 18th century ever come together for this game?

    DML: We love zombies and the Caribbean at the 18th century is a fascinating place and time. Putting them together seemed like a good idea, and as far as we know no one has made an action game in this setting before.

    Gameogre: As a role playing, third person shooting game, what do you think are some of the most exciting features players can look forward to in Dead Meets Lead?

    DML: We've tried to keep the game really simple. Just walking around with your sword and blunderbuss and killing zombies is a pure pleasure. This, in combination with the maps which are both really challenging (you won’t complete the levels at the first run-through, that much we can promise) and contain some quite interesting encounters, is according to us a straight road to pure and simple fun.

    Gameogre: What are some tips beginning players should know to get a head start in their zombie battles?

    DML: I'd say that one of the best tips would be to learn to use all the abilities of the character. Most maps are almost impossible if you don't use the right abilities at the right time. And don't waste all the ammo at the first encounter; you'll need it later! ;)

    Gameogre: Aside from zombies and undead, what other Nasty creatures can we expect to Kill in this new game?

    DML: We don't want to spoil the gaming experience, but what I can tell you is that this zombie plague affects animals as well, so whatever you would expect to find on a Caribbean island (and some things that you wouldn't!) is potentially an enemy in our game.

    Gameogre: What kind of weapons can players expect to find, to kill these hordes of Zombies?

    DML: The only weapons in the game are the sword and blunderbuss. Though, both of these have special abilities which you'll need to use at the right time. There are also a few other abilities which aren't connected to weapons that spice up the gameplay.

    Gameogre: What makes Dead Meets Lead stand out among other zombie games like Left 4 Dead?

    DML: The setting is obviously a big part of it, but we would also like to say the gameplay. Exactly why the gameplay makes it stand out is just something we'll have to show you through a gameplay trailer (we'll be releasing one in a not too distant future).

    Gameogre: Are there features in the game where players can interact with another, such as a messaging system or party system? Tell us more.

    DML: Quite possibly, but we can't go into specifics of this right now.

    Gameogre: Is there any leveling system in Dead Meets Lead and if so, how does it affect the game?

    DML: Nope. There's a bit of character progression, for instance you don't have all abilities available from start, but no leveling.

    Gameogre: Have you gotten any really creative ideas for zombie incarnations in your recent community contest, Zombie Critters? Any plans for making any “famous†Zombie re-incarnations?

    DML: Our community has been great in coming up with ideas. It will be really hard to pick a winner! And yes there are some references to popular culture in the game, but we won't be spoiling which ones and where they are here :)

    Gameogre: Is there anything else you would like our community to know about Dead Meets Lead?

    DML: As I said earlier, there's a gameplay trailer coming up, so keep an eye on our site for that. And for anyone who's interested in participating in the beta, feel free apply on our site. Other than that, happy gaming and see you around!
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