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Deep Space Fleet : Build your Armada, Rule the galaxy

Discussion in 'MMORTS and Strategy Games' started by tohapply, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. tohapply

    tohapply Little Spike New Ogre

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    Deep Space Fleet is a free to play MMORTS game where you can build up a space station, plunder resources to make space ships, research the tech to make them stronger and seize other planets in the galaxy. With artistic design of spaceships, UI, combat and fantastic storyline, this game will definitely bring you an unexpected gaming experience.


    • Produce 12 different types of Fighters, Frigates, Cruisers and Battleships, each with a unique advantage.
    • Produce 12 Flagships, equip them with advanced techniques and merge them to make a much more powerful force!
    • Play through a fantastic storyline and get boundless rewards!
    • Explore the vast universe with hundreds of galaxies, thousands of planets and millions of players!
    • Join alliance and compete with other alliances!

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