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Demon slayer

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by KuroTsuna, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    Demon Slayer skills point guide

    1st Job

    Level 10: +4 Demon Lash, +1 Grim Scythe
    Level 11: +3 Demon Lash
    Level 12: +3 Demon Lash [MAX]
    Level 13: +3 Shadow Swiftness
    Level 14: +3 Shadow Swiftness
    Level 15: +3 Shadow Swiftness
    Level 16: +1 Shadow Swiftness [MAX], +2 Grim Scythe
    Level 17: +3 Grim Scythe
    Level 18: +3 Grim Scythe
    Level 19: +3 Grim Scythe
    Level 20: +3 Grim Scythe [MAX]
    Level 21: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 22: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 23: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 24: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 25: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 26: +3 Battle Pact
    Level 27: +2 Battle Pact [MAX], +1 HP Increase
    Level 28: +3 HP Increase
    Level 29: +3 HP Increase
    Level 30: +3 HP Increase [MAX]

    Grim Scythe – MAX
    Battle Pact – MAX
    Shadow Swiftness – MAX
    HP Increase – MAX
    Demon Lash – MAX

    2nd Job

    Level 30: +1 Soul Eater, +1 Dark Thrust, +1 Chaos Lock
    Level 31: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 32: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 33: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 34: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 35: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 36: +3 Dark Thrust
    Level 37: +1 Dark Thrust [MAXED], +2 Outrage
    Level 38: +3 Outrage
    Level 39: +3 Outrage
    Level 40: +3 Outrage
    Level 41: +3 Outrage
    Level 42: +3 Outrage
    Level 43: +3 Outrage [MAXED]
    Level 44: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 45: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 46: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 47: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 48: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 49: +3 Soul Eater
    Level 50: +1 Soul Eater [MAXED], +2 Vengeance
    Level 51: +3 Vengeance
    Level 52: +3 Vengeance
    Level 53: +3 Vengeance
    Level 54: +3 Vengeance
    Level 55: +3 Vengeance
    Level 56: +3 Vengeance [MAXED]
    Level 57: +3 Physical Training
    Level 58: +3 Physical Training
    Level 59: +3 Physical Training
    Level 60: +1 Physical Training [MAXED], +2 Weapon Mastery
    Level 61: +3 Weapon Mastery
    Level 62: +3 Weapon Mastery
    Level 63: +3 Weapon Mastery
    Level 64: +3 Weapon Mastery
    Level 65: +3 Weapon Mastery
    Level 66: +3 Weapon Mastery [MAXED]
    Level 67: +3 Chaos Lock
    Level 68: +3 Chaos Lock
    Level 69: +3 Chaos Lock
    Level 70: +3 Chaos Lock

    Soul Eater – MAXED
    Dark Thrust – MAXED
    Chaos Lock – 13
    Vengeance – MAXED
    Weapon Mastery – MAXED
    Physical Training – MAXED
    Outrage – MAXED
    Demon Lash First Reinforcement – (AUTOMATICALLY) MAXED

    3rd Job

    Level 70: +1 Demon Lash Second Reinforcement, +1 Carrion Breath, +1 Judgement,
    +1 Vortex of Doom
    Level 71: +1 Raven Storm, +2 Carrion Breath
    Level 72: +3 Carrion Breath
    Level 73: +3 Carrion Breath
    Level 74: +3 Carrion Breath
    Level 75: +3 Carrion Breath
    Level 76: +3 Carrion Breath
    Level 77: +2 Carrion Breath [MAXED], +1 Max Fury
    Level 78: +3 Max Fury
    Level 79: +1 Max Fury [MAXED], +2 Judgement
    Level 80: +3 Judgement
    Level 81: +3 Judgement
    Level 82: +3 Judgement
    Level 83: +3 Judgement
    Level 84: +3 Judgement
    Level 85: +2 Judgement [MAXED], +1 Focused Fury
    Level 86: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 87: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 88: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 89: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 90: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 91: +3 Focused Fury
    Level 92: +1 Focused Fury [MAXED], +2 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 93: +3 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 94: +3 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 95: +3 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 96: +3 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 97: +3 Black-Hearted Strength
    Level 98: +3 Black-Hearted Strength [MAXED]
    Level 99: +3 Possessed Aegis
    Level 100: +3 Possessed Aegis
    Level 101: +3 Possessed Aegis
    Level 102: +3 Possessed Aegis
    Level 103: +3 Possessed Aegis [MAXED]
    Level 104: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 105: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 106: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 107: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 108: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 109: +3 Insult to Injury
    Level 110: +2 Insult to Injury [MAXED], +1 Vortex of Doom
    Level 111: +3 Vortex of Doom
    Level 112: +3 Vortex of Doom
    Level 113: +3 Vortex of Doom
    Level 114: +3 Vortex of Doom
    Level 115: +3 Vortex of Doom
    Level 116: +3 Vortex of Doom [MAXED]
    Level 117: +3 Raven Storm
    Level 118: +3 Raven Storm
    Level 119: +3 Raven Storm
    Level 120: +3 Raven Storm

    Judgement – MAXED
    Vortex of Doom – MAXED
    Raven Storm – 13
    Black-Hearted Strength – MAXED
    Carrion Breath – MAXED
    Insult to Injury – MAXED
    Focused Fury – MAXED
    Possessed Aegis – MAXED
    Max Fury – MAXED
    Demon Lash Second Reinforcement – MAXED

    4th Job

    120. 1 Demon Trash Final Reinforcement, 1 Leech Aura (1), 1 Demon Impact (1),
    1 Binding Darkness (1)
    121. 1 Infernal Concussion (1), 1 Demon Cry (1), 1 Boundless Rage (1)
    122. 1 Barricade Mastery (1), 2 Dark Metamorphosis (2)
    123. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (5)
    124. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (8)
    125. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (11)
    126. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (14)
    127. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (17)
    128. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (20)
    129. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (23)
    130. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (26)
    131. 3 Dark Metamorphosis (29)
    132. 1 Dark Metamorphosis (MAX), 2 Barricade Mastery (3)
    133. 3 Barricade Mastery (6)
    134. 3 Barricade Mastery (9)
    135. 3 Barricade Mastery (12)
    136. 3 Barricade Mastery (15)
    137. 3 Barricade Mastery (18)
    138. 3 Barricade Mastery (21)
    139. 3 Barricade Mastery (24)
    140. 3 Barricade Mastery (27)
    141. 3 Barricade Mastery (MAX)
    142. 3 Leech Aura (4)
    143. 3 Leech Aura (7)
    144. 3 Leech Aura (MAX)
    145. 3 Demon Impact (4) Binding Darkness
    146. 3 Demon Impact (7)
    147. 3 Demon Impact (10)
    148. 3 Demon Impact (13)
    149. 3 Demon Impact (16)
    150. 3 Demon Impact (19)
    151. 3 Demon Impact (22)
    152. 3 Demon Impact (25)
    153. 3 Demon Impact (28)
    154. 2 Demon Impact (MAX), 1 Binding Darkness (2)
    155. 3 Binding Darkness (5)
    156. 3 Binding Darkness (8)
    157. 3 Binding Darkness (11)
    158. 3 Binding Darkness (14)
    159. 3 Binding Darkness (17)
    160. 3 Binding Darkness (MAX)
    161. 3 Maple Warrior (3)
    162. 3 Maple Warrior (6)
    163. 3 Maple Warrior (9)
    164. 3 Maple Warrior (12)
    165. 3 Maple Warrior (15)
    166. 3 Maple Warrior (18)
    167. 1 Maple Warrior (19), 2 Demon Cry (3)
    168. 3 Demon Cry (6)
    169. 3 Demon Cry (9)
    170. 3 Demon Cry (12)
    171. 3 Demon Cry (15)
    172. 3 Demon Cry (18)
    173. 2 Demon Cry (MAX), 1 Obsidian Skin (1)
    174. 3 Obsidian Skin (4)
    175. 3 Obsidian Skin (7)
    176. 3 Obsidian Skin (10)
    177. 3 Obsidian Skin (13)
    178. 3 Obsidian Skin (16)
    179. 3 Obsidian Skin (19)
    180. 3 Obsidian Skin (22)
    181. 3 Obsidian Skin (25)
    182. 3 Obsidian Skin (28)
    183. 2 Obsidian Skin (MAX), 1 Maple Warrior (20)
    184. 3 Maple Warrior (23)
    185. 3 Maple Warrior (26)
    186. 3 Maple Warrior (29)
    187. 3 Infernal Concussion (4)
    188. 3 Infernal Concussion (7)
    189. 3 Infernal Concussion (10)
    190. 3 Infernal Concussion (13)
    191. 3 Infernal Concussion (16)
    192. 3 Infernal Concussion (19)
    193. 3 Infernal Concussion (22)
    194. 3 Infernal Concussion (25)
    195. 3 Infernal Concussion (28)
    196. 2 Infernal Concussion (MAX), 1 Boundless Rage (2)
    197. 3 Boundless Rage (5)
    198. 3 Boundless Rage (8)
    199. 3 Boundless Rage (11)
    200. 3 Boundless Rage (14)


    Boundless Rage - 14
    Infernal Concussion - MAXED
    Maple Warrior - 29
    Obsidian Skin - MAXED
    Demon Cry - MAXED
    Binding Darkness - MAXED
    Barricade Mastery - MAXED
    Leech Aura - MAXED
    Demon Trash Final Reinforcement - MAXED
    Dark Metamorphosis - MAXED
    Demon Impact - MAXED
  2. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    The Demon Slayer arrives on January 11! guide


    The Demon Slayer arrives on January 11! There will be no need to wait through a patch or maintenance for him to be unlocked: You'll be able to start playing as him right at 12:00am, midnight Pacific time on January 11!

    Need to know how to create a character? Read on.

    1. Go to the top of the MapleStory website and log in. You can also sign up for a Nexon account if you don’t have one yet.


    2. Click the Play button on the left side of the main page of MapleStory - A Free Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game to launch the game.


    3. Select the world you would like to play in by double-clicking its name. You must have one empty character slot in that world.


    4. Select the channel in which you would like to play and double-click it. You can switch channels after you enter gameplay, if you would like.


    5. Click ‘Create a character.’


    6. Click the Demon Slayer.


    7. When a confirmation message appears, select ‘OK.’


    8. Enter your character’s name in the box provided, then select ‘Confirm.’ The name must contain only letters and/or numbers, cannot be longer than twelve characters, and cannot be the name of an existing MapleStory player character.


    9. Select which gender you’d like the Demon Slayer to be, then select ‘Confirm.’


    10. You can change the type of facial markings your character has. After you select which kind you prefer, click ‘Confirm.


    11. Select your character, then click ‘Start.’ After entering your Personal Identification Code (PIC), you will begin the Demon Slayer’s tutorial! If you haven’t created a PIC yet, you will be prompted to create one before proceeding into gameplay.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2012
  3. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    MapleStory - Legends: Demon Slayer auditions to be the latest addition to Maple World! - YouTube

    There is no figure more moving than the villain who seeks redemption. The Demon Slayer was once a commander in the Black Mage's army until the event that made him realize whom he was fighting for. On January 11, Demon Slayer joins the Resistance, determined to free Edelstein and atone for his past no matter the cost!

    The Demon Slayer fights with an impressive one-handed axe or blunt weapon and guards with the Demon Aegis, a shield exclusively made for the Demon Slayer. Also, the Demon Slayer utilizes a new kind of energy called "Demon Fury" instead of MP. This gauge charges as you hunt monsters.


    Demon Impact

    Instantly activate the Demon Slayer's dormant power and deal significant damage to multiple enemies in front of you. The damage is amplified when used against a boss monster.

    Demon Cry

    Awaken the Demon Slayer potential and obliterate multiple enemies in the surrounding. This skill lowers the target's attack, defense, and accuracy stats while raising the item drop rate and EXP for the player.

    Dark Metamorphosis

    Lead, double jump, and glide like a proper slayer should using the terrifyingly majestic wings.

    MapleStory - Legends: Demon Slayer rains destruction onto Maple World! - YouTube
  4. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    AcornStory -- Playing a Demon Slayer

    Welcome to AcornStory, our ongoing feature helping players get started in Maple World - everything from choosing a class to finding friends to understanding combat to tips for participating in a online community. MapleStory is easy to learn, but once you learn the basic game mechanics, where do you go and what do you do? Read on to find out!

    Playing a Demon Slayer
    Sometimes help can come from the strangest of places. In an era when another legendary hero has returned from the past and a hero emerges from the wreckage of ship and a too smart monkey, perhaps the strangest new member of the Resistance is a former disciple of the Black Mage has turned against his dark master.


    The Penultimate Battle
    You will begin your career as Demon Slayer as a trusted general of the Black Mage. You have used your powers to bring great evil to the world. Everything changes, though, when you are betrayed by your comrade Arkarium. As another of the Mage’s generals, he plans an attack on your homeland. Defying orders, you visit your home to find that the Mage’s forces have slaughtered your family.

    You return to confront the Black Mage, fighting your way through Arkarium and his forces. Making your way into the sanctum of the Mage, you’ll attempt to destroy him. Unfortunately his powers are too much for you and you’re trapped inside a mystical egg. Many long years later, you escape from the egg and easily destroy the Black Wings who found you. J from the Resistance witnesses this and makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Work with them and you can finally have your revenge against the resurrected Black Mage!

    Job Advancements
    Like Mercedes, once you work your way through the opening prelude, you will begin your Demon Slayer career at level 10.


    Ability Points and Skill Points
    What are Ability Points?
    Ability Points are used to increase a character's basic abilities. Abilities are inherent characteristics that affect a character's abilities to perform Skills and other actions. "Strength," for example (abbreviated STR) affects the amount of damage a character inflicts when striking a monster. The most important abilities for a particular class are sometimes referred to as their "primary attributes."

    Primary Attributes -- Demon Slayer

    Strength (STR): SStrength measures how physically strong your character is. The higher your Strength, the more damage you'll do when hitting a monster at close range. For a Demon Slayer, higher STR means doing more damage with your melee weapon. Most of your Ability Points should go into STR, and DEX will be your secondary attribute.

    Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity is a measure of how nimble and agile your character is. A high DEX increases your accuracy and greatly increases the damage done by ranged weapons. As a Demon Slayer, this will raise the damage of many of your skills and improve your chances to hit an enemy.

    Pro Tip: While there is an "auto-assign" function that will allocate your points automatically, the distribution of Ability Points is very important for a Demon Slayer. There may be many opinions on the proper way to distribute Ability Points. It's recommended you seek out the advice of fellow players when building your Demon Slayer.

    Pro Tip: If you make a mistake allocating your Ability Points, you can reallocate them by purchasing an AP Reset Coupon in the Cash Shop.

    What are Skill Points?

    Skill Points are used to learn new abilities that help Cannoneers kill monsters or to increase the power of an already learned skill. Many MapleStory players on the Internet have taken it upon themselves to write detailed guides that recommend various character "builds." This simply means that they give lists of skills they believe make for a skilled and useful player and tell you how many Skill Points you should put into each ability.

    If you would like to get some recommended builds or discuss it with other players, you can get started on the official MapleStory Forums. The guide below won't recommend a specific build, but will point out a few sample Demon Slayer skills.

    Note: Certain skills will not be available until you reach a certain level.

    Demon Slayer Skills
    The Demon Slayer is primarily a melee combat character that’s extremely tough and unique. Unlike other characters, Demon Slayers don’t use Mana to fuel their skills, instead relying on “Demon Fury” which works quite differently than Mana. You will also be fighting with a built-in shield called the Demon Aegis, and unlike other Warrior-types, you cannot switch out your shield. The result is a tank class that can fight long and hard, use their unique skills to dish out a lot of punishment, and still protect their friends.

    Demon Fury
    Demon Fury is the power that activates the Demon Slayer’s skills. Unlike Mana, a Demon Slayer’s Demon Fury begins at 1. It only increases as the Demon Slayer uses his Demon Lash power against enemies. This power can then be used to activate other skills. Should you run out of Demon Fury, simply use your Demon Lash against an enemy to refill it.


    A few important things to know about Demon Fury:

    - There are no potions or other items (save for one high level skill) that can increase your Demon Fury artificially.
    - There are no items or equipment that can increase the amount of Demon Fury you can store. The amount will increase as you level up.
    - Attacks that drain Mana will work to reduce your Demon Fury.


    Sample Skills
    Special Skills

    Special skills are skills that are acquired by a Demon Slayer automatically when they gain their first Job Advancement. They cannot be improved through the use of Skill Points but will improve each time you gain a job advancement.

    Curse of Fury: While you’re attacking, you have a chance to trigger an “Endless Fury” effect. Endless Fury regenerates your HP, and for every enemy eliminated, returns you a fixed amount of Fury.
    Dark Winds: Perform various jumps, such as High Jump, Jag Jump, and Glide by pressing the arrow keys.

    Sample First Job Skills

    Demon Lash: A combo attack that whips enemies in front of you with dark power. Hits return some Fury to you.
    Grim Scythe: Summons a demonic scythe that tears through multiple enemies in front of you.

    Sample Second Job Skills

    Soul Eater: Snares and pulls multiple enemies towards you, damaging all of them.
    Chaos Lock: Targets and attacks the enemy closest to you, and allows you to teleport using the directional keys.

    Sample Third Job Skills

    Judgment: This attack hits multiple nearby enemies, dealing critical damage with a chance for additional critical hits.

    Raven Storm: Summons a flock of ravens to attack enemies in front of you. The ravens then return the enemies' HP to you.

    Sample Fourth Job Skills

    Infernal Concussion: Calls an eruption from below to blast nearby enemies into the air. Enemies in the air receive critical damage.

    Leech Aura: You and your party members will receive life for every blow you inflict for a short time, up to 3% at a time.

    Dark Metamorphosis: Summons two spectral beings to attack your enemies. Also increases your damage and HP for a short period of time.

    Are you ready to unleash the demon?
    The Demon Slayer brings a completely new style of play to MapleStory. The use of “Demon Fury” requires an extremely aggressive play style that should make the class an exceptional tank for those that learn to use it properly. Since they don’t need Mana potions, they don’t have an expense many other characters have to deal with, but the lack of artificial Demon’s Rage boosters will be a challenge for precise and disciplined players. Are you ready to try out a new kind of MapleStory hero?

  5. sasuke2490

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    the first post could use some pictures.
  6. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    it's too annoying to get all those skills when you only use this when you level up
  7. Knightmare

    Knightmare Legendary Explorer

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    Nice work buddy! This really helps alot for players that are new to Demon Slayer!^^
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