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Do you believe in astrology ?

Discussion in 'Ogres Breakfast' started by Xctroy, May 25, 2020.

  1. Xctroy

    Xctroy Ogre Prince Royal Ogre
    1. AdventureQuest 3D Heroes

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    I check it occasionally and it does get accurate sometimes but I wouldn't say I believe in it. There's a lot of friends who do believe it entirely and happen to check it very frequently. What's your view on it
  2. Snowy

    Snowy Ogre Hall of Fame Royal Ogre
    1. Minecraft Group

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    It's science, not pseudo-science. I don't think you could spin the "study of stars" the other way around. Of course, there are some theories in the field, like black holes, and we know they exist from studying gravitational waves. The only thing "fake" about black holes are the illustrations, since we can't visually observe them ourselves, especially close enough.

    The thing about science is that it's largely based on observations. We might not know 100% of everything, especially historical records (think about fossils in the field of biology and geology, or rock layers in geology), but we can find a link and use the scientific method to evaluate our understanding of something. It doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. I sometimes see people argue amount semantics in science, like how we classify things, but that's not really the point. Like who really cares if Pluto is classified as a "dwarf planet" or just a "planet"? We can observe it and recognize its existence, and that's really the basis of science.

    And psychology, even though it is a bit of pseudo-science, follows the principles of observations. We can observe things like behavior and analyze the functions of the brain, sometimes even finding case studies to support new findings, but we will never unlock human "knowledge", however you define that.

    And when arguing about whether something is a discovery or an invention, such as mathematics, we don't really have a clear answer.

    And that brings me to a conclusion of questioning our own belief. From an epistemological point of view, what even is knowledge to begin with? We see the world around us acting consistently, and from those consistent observations, we take notes of what we know (from a familiar sense) to create knowledge (from a factual view). Now if we were talking about something ridiculous like whether the world is flat or round, I think first, it's important to question how that person sees the world is flat, and then narrow down the argument using a bit of Socratic method. When you really think about it, science is a superset of philosophy.
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  3. p

    p Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    The best thing about quarantine has been not having people try to ask me astrology questions in the planetarium. Please take your make-believe astrology nonsense elsewhere and leave my astronomy zone alone.

    I really miss running the planetarium but astrology is one line of questioning I wish I could ban forever.

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