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Do you play TCG/CCG games?

Discussion in 'Trading Card Games' started by Kostas Vlassis, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Kostas Vlassis

    Kostas Vlassis Little Spike New Ogre

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    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to ask the community their views on TCG (Trading Card Games) and mainly digital CCGs (Card Collectible Games). Do you like them? Do you play them? What do you like/dislike in this type of online game?

    There are definitely plenty of digital card games out there from the really 'big' ones like Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Elder Scrolls and so on but there are plenty of other ones from indie studios.

    We have been building our own CCG: Cosmos Invictus (currently on Kickstarter). Cosmos Invictus is a SciFi CCG as we felt that there are too many fantasy CCGs and not than many 'pure' SciFi ones.

  2. Rueness

    Rueness Elite Ogre Royal Ogre

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    I was into magic the gathering some years back, became somewhat a business as i invest in cheap cards when their sets arent complete yet then sellig them when they become expensive as their combos become evident due to new packs.
    As for digital card games its sometimes hard to balance it out as a developer, you want to prevent any gridlock with card combos yet you want diversity in the options you provide. Too much trial and error is required.
    I wish you the best in this kickstarter.

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