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Dragon Nest Skill Build - Elemental Lord Hybrid Build

Discussion in 'Free MMORPG' started by Supernatural, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Supernatural

    Supernatural LiveStreamer Ogre Veteran

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    I'm nearly Lv32, and I analyze the elemental lord skills for a long time. Once reach the cap level – Lv32, players in the game always are teaming up to conquer Cerberus Nest.

    I use elemental lord and often feed my lives to Cerberus, and no one wants to team up with me if they go to Cerberus Nest dungeon.

    However, I still love elemental lord.

    I got three ways to develop my elemental lord: hybrid build, fire (primary) + ice (assistant) style and ice (primary) + fire (assistant) style.



    I can use both fire skills and ice skills, both damage and control. And you get both Fire Shield and Freezing Shield to enhance your Defense level.

    I have not enough SP to study Counter Spell and Aerial Evasion, so it's very easy to die without any counter skills when playing PvP. However, someone can keep the enemies in distance, that's master-hands.

    One of my friends build skills in this way, and he can kill every professions in a second (except the paladin).
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