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Drakensang Online (Patch) Ro100

Discussion in 'Drakensang Online' started by Aaddron, May 6, 2013.

  1. Aaddron

    Aaddron Moderator Staff Member GameOgre Moderator

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    Greetings Heroes and Heroines of Duria!

    14:00 pm (cet) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)
    14:30 pm (cet) start maintenance (takes at least 30 minutes)

    Release 100 features a Premium mode as well as the ability to insert up to five gem slots for slot-based items.

    Premium and five gem slots

    In Release 100, we’re launching the new Premium mode just for you. In exchange for a small monthly fee, it will unlock certain advantages for you during the period of your Premium membership. In addition, you can add up to five sockets to all socket-based items. As usual, we also took care of fixing many different errors for you in this release.

    About the Premium Accounts:
    • Monthly fee of 9.99 €
    • in countries with reduced pricing the monthly fee is reduced to half
    • countries with other currencies than €uro pay the equivalent of 9.99 € according to the current exchange rate of their domestic currency
    • New Features
    • Premium mode
    • Premium packs are now available to buy. For a small monthly fee, you can benefit from certain advantages to improve the gameplay:
    • Automatic collection of all resources in the game
    • Inventory expansion
    • Free identification of improved, magical and extraordinary items
    • Free travel
    • Free revival in same location
    • Free remixing of daily challenges
    • Free resetting of talents
    • Additional surprise chest with daily login bonus
    • Automatic renewal after 30 days and ability to cancel at any time
    • All slot-based items can now be expanded by up to five slots.
    • Important changes
    • The sales prices for potions, dyes, keys and current explosives were readjusted.
    • Other players can now see characters level up when they are within their visual range.
    • In PvP battle, the cool-down time of healing potions is now reset after a round finishes.
    Selected bug-fixes
    • Collected essences will once again be automatically added to the active supplies for the same type of essence.
    • In the tool tip for banners of war, information is now shown that the banner slows down monsters that attack.
    • The icon for the workbench is now properly shown on the map.
    • The arrows of Satyr archers can no longer penetrate obstacles.
    • The calculation of possible combinations in PvP matchmaking was made fairer. This however may lead to slightly longer waiting times.
    • The tool tip for items with resistance boosts was improved.
    • Via an icon, players can now dismount from epic mounts once again.
    • The large white box which should have not been in Hagastove Grotto was removed.
    • If items that are worn are upgraded above and beyond the level which a character can use, the character will continue to wear these items but the upgrade bonus will not be applied.
    • Upon switching characters and thus guilds, the false notification that stated that all guild members had left the guild was removed.
    • In tool tip for cloaks, the incorrect information about slots was removed.
    • In the Mortis quest, the death nova which occurs as soon as 1,000 souls have been collected, can no longer be avoided or prevented.
    • The text display in PvP observer mode was redone so that the texts no longer overlap.
    Known Issues
    Premium mode
    • An error displays the remaining duration of hours of your premium account as “always 0†(xx days 0 hours xx min xx sec). Error does not influence actual duration of premium account
    • Error does not influence actual duration of premium account
    • Premium users will still lose Crystal of Truths if they right-click on them and identify the item the traditional way
    • Premium users simply need to right-click on items to identify them, use CoT only for legendary items.
    Venture into battle, Heroes and Heroines of Duria!


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