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Dynasty Warriors Online Interview with Aeria Games

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Gameogre got the opportunity to talk to Aeria Games about the newest upcoming game Dynasty Warriors Online. Based on the popular series read how Aeria Games has turned this classic into an awesome online experience!Be sure to Check Gameogre.com later this week for your Dynasty Warriors Online CBT Key!

    Gameogre: For those who don’t know of the game what's the backstory of Dynasty Warriors Online?

    Aeria Games: Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) is based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Following the fall of the Han Dynasty, three leaders have emerged with the hope of unifying the country under their banner. Players join the Wei, Wu, or Shu kingdoms and prove their worth on the battlefield.

    Gameogre: How does DWO differ to the other Dynasty Warriors game title series? What similarities does it have?

    Aeria Games: DWO lets players create their own unique character and serve under the generals they remember from the Dynasty Warriors series. DWO still offers a long list of unique weapons to obliterate enemies on the battlefield. Also, the bodyguard system from the series has evolved into a lieutenant system – an NPC companion that fights alongside players on the battlefield. Even animals, like tigers and pandas, can serve as lieutenants, each offering different skills.

    Gameogre: What sets it apart from other online games in this genre?

    Aeria Games: At its heart, Dynasty Warriors is a true hack ‘n’ slash game. This gameplay experience has transitioned seamlessly to the PC. Because DWO is compatible with any popular USB game controller, players will feel like they’re playing the Dynasty Warriors game they’ve come to love on the console. This type of gameplay isn’t all that common for MMORPGs, so it’s something that definitely sets DWO apart from the rest of the pack.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us a little about the Characters in DWO?

    Aeria Games: Upon logging in, players will be able to create their own unique character and choose which side they want to fight for. Those familiar with the Dynasty Warriors series will be happy to see their favorite officers back, and once they acquire enough honor, they can choose their favorite characters to serve under.

    Gameogre: I noticed that the characters are placed in clans, can you tell us more about it?

    Aeria Games: The country is divided into three kingdoms. Cao Cao, leader of the Wei, has conquered all of northern China by seizing territory and wants to expand his kingdom south, beyond the Yangtze. The Shu, led by Liu Bei, also seeks to restore the fractured empire to its former glory by uniting China. Sun Jian has merged rival provinces together, and after his untimely death in battle, his son, Sun Quan takes up his cause and establishes the kingdom of Wu. Players must pick a side and battle their rival factions in an effort to unite the land.

    Gameogre: What are the major strengths of each kingdom? Will choosing certain Kingdoms affect your gameplay?

    Aeria Games: By expanding territory and winning battles each kingdom acquires conflict points. The more conflict points your kingdom has, the more items, gear, and weapons will be available to you in the Market. Choosing one territory over another will not provide any major advantages or disadvantages; instead, how the kingdom fares as a whole will affect how many conflict points your side has.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about the PvP options in DWO?

    Aeria Games: There are many different ways to enjoy PvP in DWO. Players can battle other characters from their own faction with up to four members per team in Mock Battles. The Arena mode allows players to face opponents from enemy factions and can affect a faction’s Conflict Points. The Melee battle is another 4v4 mode with various mission objectives. Showdowns are large scale battles with 12 players on each side. The game also offers a campaign mode where factions vie for control of cities.

    Gameogre: Will there be guilds in DWO? What will be in store for guilds and how does the guild system work?

    Aeria Games: There are guilds in DWO and they can be very helpful in progressing through the game. By creating or becoming a member of a guild, players can enjoy the benefits of teamwork, a guild room in the tavern, and additional features like the ability to duel guild members. Guild members can also access the guild armory which can hold money and consumable items.

    Gameogre: What unique features can be found in DWO?

    Aeria Games: DWO offers scores of different battle modes, head to head combat, and a long list of weapons to choose from. DWO also takes the hack ‘n’ slash genre and inventively integrates traditional MMO elements. Players have their own house that they can decorate and upgrade. DWO also offers multifaceted character growth, fighting your way up through the ranks, and using your strength to win battles.

    Gameogre: How will questing work in DWO? What kind of quests, dungeons, PVE type content will be available?

    Aeria Games: There are many different kinds of quests in DWO. They range from overtaking enemy bases, recovering items, defeating bandits, annihilating enemy officers, seeking out specific individuals, and much more. There are quests that can be completed alone and there are quests that require multiple people from your faction. Whether the player wants to take on enemies alone or with friends, there are plenty of opportunities for both in DWO. For players who do not wish to participate in PvP, many of the battle modes allow players the option of participating in a PvE or PvP fight.

    Gameogre: What kind of items can players expect to find in the Market in DWO?

    Aeria Games: The market provides an opportunity for players to visit the Blacksmith to obtain new weapons, repair weapons, or improve items in their possession. They can see the Tailor to purchase gear/armor. They also can visit the Merchant to buy items that will improve their abilities in battle. The communal loom can be used to dye gear, or the communal pot to synthesize two items and combine them into a more powerful item. If players have items, gear, or weapons they want to sell, they can visit the Broker who will put them up for sale, making them available for other players of the same faction to purchase.

    Gameogre: Will there be mounts, flyers, or pets in DWO? How will they be helpful to the player?

    Aeria Games: While there are no pets in DWO, the lieutenant system works similar to pet systems found in other games. These companions aid players in battle, possess their own unique skills and attributes, and have their own dynamic motivation levels. The higher a lieutenant’s motivation, the more effective it will be in battle.

    Gameogre: With the closed beta for DWO coming up, what is the 1 thing you recommend that players try out during the closed beta period?

    Aeria Games: There’s a repeatable quest in the game that allows players to sample various weapons. Since DWO has so many weapons to choose from, this particular quest allows players to try out all of the weapons until they find one they prefer.

    Gameogre: Anything else you would like to tell us about DWO?

    Aeria Games: Closed Beta begins on October 14. There’s still some time left to sign up – but you’ll need to hurry. Head on over to Dynasty Warriors Online - First Free Online Dynasty Warriors Game at Aeria Games to be one of the last few to register.
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