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Enlistment for the First Beta Test of 'ARCTIC COMBAT’ has Begun

Discussion in 'MMOFPS and Online Shooters' started by GameOgreVideos, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    WEBZEN Inc. (Webzen - The Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games), the Next Generation of Free-to-Play Online Games, announced the first user beta test sign-up for the for the modern military FPS game ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’.

    Today, WEBZEN opened the beta sign-up page for ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’ accepting applications for the first user beta test, ‘Task Force 613’. The sign-up will continue until the 6th of June and will only accept a limited amount of users through the official website (ac.webzen.com).

    During the first beta test, selected testers will be able to experience the realistic warzone effects and battles based on team/clan strategic gameplay involving tactical perks, weapons, and equipment. The game engine is optimized for the full spectrum of PCs, without compromising graphical quality allowing a wide range of users to enjoy the game.

    Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “Arctic Combat is an FPS game that both new and skillful players can enjoy with its many features.†Also he said, “We hope many users will participate in the first beta test to feel the intense battlegrounds of Arctic Combat.â€

    Meanwhile, WEBZEN will hold a press event with the ‘2012 C9 Tournament Championship’ during E3 2012 in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Here, ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’ will reveal a new synopsis trailer along with an on-site tournament giving visitors the first chance to play.

    More information on the modern military FPS game ‘ARCTIC COMBAT’ and beta sign-up can be found on the official Facebook page (Arctic Combat | Facebook) and website (ac.webzen.com).
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