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ESO Plus Quick Overview

Discussion in 'Game News' started by Aaddron, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Aaddron

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    Find out more about the excellent in-game benefits that all ESO Plus members will enjoy in Tamriel Unlimited.

    When The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ launches, current subscribers won’t need to do a thing to enjoy the many benefits offered by our new premium membership: ESO Plus. Just keep playing and you will automatically become a member, allowing you to take advantage of the great perks that will enhance your in-game experience when Tamriel Unlimited arrives.

    If you have time remaining on your game subscription at the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you’ll automatically be enrolled as an ESO Plus premium member for the remainder of your game subscription period. You’ll get all the benefits of membership during that time, including your full allotment of crowns (the new digital currency used in our Crown Store). If you already have recurring payment set up, you won’t need to do anything if you wish to continue on as an ESO Plus member; it’ll all happen automatically. If you do not wish to keep recurring payments, you may change this option in your account page.

    So, what do you get as an ESO Plus member? Let’s go over the benefits:
    • An allotment of crowns to spend in the new in-game Crown Store based on your membership period (more below)
    • Access to all of ESO’s downloadable content (or DLC) game packs for the duration of your membership
    • A 10% bonus to XP and gold gain, crafting research, and inspiration
    Memberships to ESO Plus can be purchased in 30-, 90-, and 180-day durations starting at $14.99 for a 30-day period. When you sign up for ESO Plus, you’ll receive your full allotment of crowns right away (1500 for 30 days, 4500 for 90 days, or 9000 for 180 days). If you purchase a recurring membership, you’ll receive a full allotment of crowns at the start of each 30-/90-/180-day membership period. You can spend crowns in the in-game Crown Store to get unique mounts, special vanity pets, a variety of fun costumes for your character, and convenience items like health potions and soul gems.

    While you’re a member, you’ll enjoy faster progression thanks to the helpful buffs to XP, gold, and crafting, and you’ll be able to access any DLC game pack that’s available. If your membership ends, you’ll still be able to play ESO (and keep any items and rewards you earned playing within DLC), but you won’t be able to access DLC game pack content that you haven’t purchased separately.

    Whether you’re a current subscriber or a new player, you’ll want to give ESO Plus a try. If you have any questions about The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited or our new ESO Plus membership, please check out our FAQ, or contact Customer Service with any further questions you have. We know you’ll really enjoy the benefits of membership during your adventures in Tamriel!


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