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Ether Saga Odyssey: Future’s End is Now Live!

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by GameOgreVideos, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    Future’s End is now live! Make sure you’re on top of all the new features:

    New Area: Future’s End

    Witness Future’s End as you join forces to face new horrors and struggle to survive in this forsaken land. To enter this new area, you must be level 106 or above and speak to Queen Zonis of Amaz to teleport to Future’s End. This area will feature high level monsters that give a ton of EXP and valuable drops!

    Dragon Lord, Genesis, and Glyph System

    The new Dragon Lord and Genesis equipment will be the strongest and most sought after equipment in ESO. The current True Dragon equipment can be upgraded to Dragon Lord equipment. Also, the new Genesis equipment can be acquired from the Risen Phoenix at Future’s End.

    What makes these Dragon Lord and Genesis equipment even more powerful than anything we released is due to the new Glyph system. The Glyph system is used exclusively to enchant the Dragon Lord and Genesis equipment to further increase their power. The Glyphs can be etched on both weapons and armor.

    When a set of equipment has been etched with a valid combination of Glyphs of the same type, a Mantra may be active. Once a character has a valid combination of Glyphs, users can enable Mantras and receive various attribute bonuses.

    A variety of different Glyphs are available, with each Glyph giving random bonuses within a set range based upon its type. Glyphs can also be broken down into basic components that can be combined to create a more powerful Glyph.

    World Bosses

    Risen Phoenix

    The Risen Phoenix spawns in Future’s End every Friday at 7PM on Realm 8. It has a chance to drop Genesis weapons, Glyphs, and imbue items!

    Astral Overlord

    The Astral Overlord spawns in ESO’s main city: Pokari City. The boss spawns every Saturday at 7PM on Realm 5. It has a chance to drop Glyphs and imbue items. After it is defeated, all players will have 10 minutes to receive a quest that gives Event Tokens (which gives experience). A NPC will also spawn during those 10 minutes that will imbue a piece of equipment from +5 to +6 at a 100% success rate.


    Twisted Moon

    Twisted Moon is a new adventure consisting of three different versions from Dispatcher Chun: one for players level 45-100, a second version for players level 101-120, and a third version for players level 101-120 (requires a key from the previous adventure). Players will fight off waves of different monsters and can unlock additional waves for even more experience by using keys.

    Sacred Hunt

    The Sacred Hunt adventure is for players level 110 and above. Enter the adventure by obtaining a Sacred Hunt Map from Mapkeeper Ming (once per day). Players must defeat a series of boss monsters for rewards. These bosses, in order fought, include the: Blight Wyvern, Bloodthirsty Gator, Captain of the Altar, Netherfire Drake, and the Moloch Warlord.

    Mogui Signets and Skills

    Mogui classes can now use the powerful Signets to bolster their skills and adjust their attributes.

    Ancient Roar is a new Hellion skill that creates an area of effect that does damage based upon Hellion’s STR. It also makes the target’s movement speed slower, induces stun, and lowers the defense and resistance.

    The new Maven skill is Death Seed, which is an area curse that does damage over time based upon the Maven’s INT. It also makes the target’s movement speed slower, prevents the use of consumable items, and induces fear.

    Mobile Forge

    Now you can use the Ancestral Forge, on the go! You can access the new Mobile Forge anywhere you want. The Pocket Forge consumes one Angelic Bell and allows you to forge anywhere you want!


    Future's End - Patch Notes: ESO - Patch Notes v411 - Ether Saga Online Forum
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