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Eudemons Online: Interview with the Top Vampire

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Eudemons Online: Interview with the Top Vampire - Eudemons Online - Official Site

    After releasing the new Vampire class, there was an exciting contest going on in Eudemons Online, Who will be the strongest Vampire? One of our GMs, Lindi, has come online to do an interview with the top ranked Vampire, Muse. Let’s take a look.

    Lindi: First of all, could you please introduce yourself?

    *~Muse~*: Yes. My name is Oliver. I’m 39. I’m male, which isn’t THAT obvious, and I’m from Germany.

    Lindi: I thought Muse was a girl. So do you prefer female characters?

    *~Muse~*: yes. Female characters have way more fancy dresses :) I have all dresses, even the limited ones. But I usually don’t use clothing on the Vampire. It really has a sexy look. The designers have done a great job!

    Lindi: Yes, vampires do have better looks. So did you play the Vampire when the expansion came out, on June 30th?

    *~Muse~*: No, I started in May, on a Chinese Server. I read on TQ forums and on Facebook about the new class, and I was so curious and wanted to know more about it, so I tested it on a Chinese server.

    Lindi: Wow! How did you manage to do it? Do you know some Chinese?

    *~Muse~*: No, absolutely none. I got some information from the website with the help of Google translate, and the rest was just wild guessing and watching closely what happens.

    Lindi: That must be one of the reasons you’re leveling up so fast, now. You are the top Vampire on London Server. So, any tips to share?

    *~Muse~*: Read all the information on the webpage! : ) Most players are too lazy to do that. The information from the Guide covers 95 percent of what you need to know. And then the rest is like on every other class. You just need good gears and good Knights. Many people just think about getting Battle Power fast, but that doesn’t help you on Quests in any way.

    Lindi: So how do you like this new Vampire class?

    *~Muse~*: The Vampire is a great class. The Vampire has something mystical. I really like the look of the armor, and I love the combo of Mage and Warrior skill-like attacks. I thought this class could be a good character to do Caria with. The Blood Soul is sort of a challenge as it’s bound to the character. Vampires are really good for questing.

    Lindi: Glad you like it, but do you have any suggestions for this new class?

    *~Muse~*: Hmmm, I can’t wait for Level 5 God skill. I’ve seen the video on Facebook. It might help on quests. I’ll try it once it’s released. And I want more max vigor, but I think it will be raised to 36k, as I was told. Maybe there should be a Werewolf class next, to conquer the Vampire.

    Lindi: Haha, good idea. The great news is that the Level 5 God skill and a higher max Vigor will be available on Aug. 24th. EO is going to release a new patch to update this new class. Well, at the end of interview, I hope you can give some good advice to the newer players.

    *~Muse~*: Why not? Read the game guide on the webpage. Ask players nicely for advice. Do not beg for free gears/gold/EPs. Invest some time and work on your character. Just try to understand everything as good as possible, and you surely will have a good time!
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