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EVE Online Announces Changes Coming With Incursion

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    CCP is getting geared up for the upcoming release of Incursion, the highly anticipated expansion for Eve Online. CCP Chronotis has just posted on their blog a major outline of all the upcoming changes and enhancements, "the icing on the cake," for Incursion.

    Players will see changes to Tech II Ammo focusing on short-ranged versions. CCP is removing negative effects making the ammo a good alternative to the faction ammo. Players will notice that rockets have been given a power up to help make them more effective against frigate-sized ships. CCP has also gotten permission from the SCC to allow for the trade of all faction ships.

    The team at CCP has been working extra hard on relieving the stress on the server from Fighter Bombers. A whole upheaval to the system and how the Fighter Bombers work, both graphically and informationally, will help players use the system with much less lagging and dragging.

    The Incursion expansion is scheduled for release in November.
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