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EVE Online : Hulkageddon IV Starts

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by hack10, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. hack10

    hack10 Ogre Star Ogre Veteran

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    EVE Online players will want to check out the official Hulkageddon IV site for information about the event that is ongoing throughout this week. Hulkageddon events allow "players (to) attempt to suicide gank as many mining (and related) vessels as possible". Prizes are awarded to those scoring the highest 'gank' totals.

    2) Haulers are fair game now
    Since merely blowing up mining vessels is fun, this time around we are broadening the target spread to generate more tears of dismay! In Hulkageddon 4 all mining vessels, orcas, freighters, haulers, noctis and primae count towards your score! Yes, you read that right, all the vessels mentioned there count for the main prize. In addition to that some vessels have their own achievements linked to them, check the prizes page for all the details!
    3) We have a new email address for all your hatemails!
    Part of the fun is, naturally, the whining and angry screaming of your victims. we will have a panel of judges posting the best hatemails to the webpage here and there will of course be a prize for the most lovely display of salty goodness. You can email your hatemail as a screenshot to: [email protected]
    Read more here.
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