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EVE Online to abolish learning skills

Discussion in 'Eve Online' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    Does anyone else just love how these CCP EVE Online blogs are worded? Who knew you could have so much fun with a developer blog! Anyway, as to the content of the blog itself, CCP has confirmed that they want to completely abolish all learning skills from EVE Online by as early as Christmas time, if eerything goes well enough with their software and QA milestones. As to how they plan to implement these changes, today marks the day when all NPC sell orders for the eleven skills in the Learning group (a.k.a. "Learning Skills") will be cancelled completely.

    As for the changes that CCP hopes to implement by December 14th, here's what they've got outlined:

    * ALL LEARNING SKILLS WILL DISAPPEAR: We're not kidding. In your head, in your hangar or in your anything else, they're gone. Vamoosh. Deleted. Sent to the big recycle bin in the sky. Etc etc.

    * All skillpoints invested in learning skills will be reimbursed, including all the fiddly corner cases. If you have 2,012,692 SP in learning, you will find yourself down those skills, but with 2,012,692 skillpoints to redistribute.

    * All skillbooks not currently injected into people's heads will be reimbursed at the old NPC sell price. The money will go to whichever character or corporation owns the container that the skillbooks are in. For example, things in cans you've anchored for yourself will be reimbursed to you, things in corporate hangar arrays or the "deliveries" bin will be reimbursed to the owning corporation.

    * This will also involve cancelling any and all market orders containing these skills. Contracts containing learning skills will have those skillbooks substituted for copies of the Pax Amarria.

    * All new and existing characters will have an extra 12 base points (ie, non-remappable) in each attribute.

    * The 100% training speed bonus up to 1.6m SP will no longer be available. People partway through this bonus will lose the remaining bonus amount. They will of course gain a huge attribute bonus to make up for it.

    * Miscellaneous other cleanup tasks will be performed that are not very interesting, details available on request.

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