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Face of Mankind Announces New Community Team

Discussion in 'MMOFPS and Online Shooters' started by GameOgreVideos, Jul 9, 2012.

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    This weekend Nexeon Technologies and Face of Mankind announced the formation of a new team aimed at engaging and promoting the community like never before. Community Manager Josh "Jove" Smith and Associate Community Manager Michelle "Meesh" Archer-Waterman have been brought onboard to revitalize the community and bring this Massively Multiplayer Online Game from 2004 into the current world of internet socialization and communication. Community Manager Michael "Aesop" Hudson will continue on as part of the team, contributing heavily as liaison to the faction leaders and providing a voice for the development team.
    Community Manager Josh Smith
    Josh's interest and experience in community management began in 2002 with America Online's Community Leader program. He was tasked with supervising a number of chat and forum based science fiction communities alongside chat based roleplaying games. Josh served in several positions with Face of Mankind dating back to 2007, eventually earning placement as Lead Game Master where he was part of the team that oversaw storyline and customer support programs. In late 2011 he took a position with BioWare, working as part of their community team during the record breaking launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and is now returning to our community upon completion of his contract.
    "I can't think of a better way to use the experience and connections I've made since leaving than returning home to further the reach and success of Face of Mankind. I've always believed it to be one of the most amazing concepts any game has ever introduced. Recent development initiatives, and the game's long history, should make us the game of choice for anyone looking for player-driven, open world PvP content." - Community Manager Josh Smith
    Associate Community Manager Michelle Archer-Waterman
    Playing video games since she was able to hold an original Nintendo Entertainment System controller, Michelle has been a part of the gaming community her entire life. The online communities that spring forth from dedicated gamers has always been one of her biggest passions, and over two years ago she took that passion to BioWare and helped Star Wars: The Old Republic before and through its incredible launch. As one of the longer running representatives, she helped provide a voice to and for the fans, working closely with Community Managers and Community Coordinators to facilitate interaction. Her love of roleplaying and story-telling will be a powerful asset in a game as player-driven as Face of Mankind.
    Players to Participate, too!
    With a continued focus on player-driven content the team will also assist faction leadership with managing new social media accounts of their own, giving them top tier tools to engage players and make sure they're notified of important events, or conflicts that require some backup, the very instant the alarms are sounded.
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