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Fairy Story Online Interview

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Gameogre teamed up with Thirteen1 to have a Q&A for Fairy Story Online. Fairy Story has had quite a bit of content updates this year that continue to make their game a stand-out in the MMORPG world.

    Gameogre: For those who don’t know about the game can you tell me the backstory for Fairy Story Online and how your most recent update follows into it?

    Fairy Story: Fairy Story Online pictures a large-scale 3D MMORPG game with the background of fairy story. A group of people will stand out when the justice was threatened by the dark force, who name themselves the Hunters of the Darkness. People call them Clover Hunters. This time, the dark force stages a comeback, but where are the Clover Hunters? People start to panic… A group of people who hold their beliefs and dreams start their adventure and begin the journey of becoming Clover Hunters.

    Our new updates is meant to bring players together to make their “clover hunter dream” filled with much more colorful experience, and make their journey full of happiness.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about some of the things added in the most recent update on Sept 15th?

    Fairy Story: There is a new weekly event, Treasure Garden, team battle. The final winner will be rewarded with an orange weapon (one of the following pictures) formula and a title called “Treasure Hunter”. Besides, there are New functions, such as Formula Synthesis,Equipment Decomposing. What's more,New suits, with better qualitMarriage system.

    Gameogre: This new "Mentor-Apprentice System" sounds very interesting and rewarding. How does this work? And what are the requirements for doing this?

    Fairy Story: Apprentice Qualifications:
    Apprentice must not be higher than Level 29 and can have only one mentor at most. If the Mentor-Apprentice relation is dissolved voluntarily while the apprenticeship is not completed, player must wait one day to find another mentor.

    Note: Apprentice and Mentor cannot use the same account.

    Mentor Qualifications:
    Mentor must be Level 30 or higher, and can only have three apprentices at a time. If the Mentor-Apprentice relation is dissolved voluntarily while the apprenticeship is not completed, player must wait one day to find another apprentice. Mentor can add new apprentice if the old apprenticeship is completed.

    Gameogre: What makes the new "Mentor-Apprentice System" different from joining a guild or party?

    Fairy Story: Actually, joining a guild may only help low-level players get important advice from veteran players for their characters growth, while Mentor-Apprentice system can give both the helpers and help-seekers vip shop items . This system is meant to build a closer bond among players.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about some of the new armor that has been added into the game and where players can get them from?

    Fairy Story: An example: College Student Suit, a suit designed for level 60 players. Players should first get the corresponding formulas from killing lvl 60 bosses, and try to collect enough materials (extract those materials from other items) required by the formula. This suit is proved to be the strongest suit in the current version now.

    Gameogre: Can you give us some more details about the Refining Machine? How does it work and what can you make from it?

    Fairy Story: Refining machine, mainly consists of five specific functions as follows:
    1)Synthesis: You can synthesize gems (materials) of lower level into higher level ones.
    2)Drilling: After drill a hole on your item, player can embed a card on them and cards always have some attribute to add to the target weapon
    3)Embedding: I have mentioned it in drilling.
    4)Refine: use gems to strengthen items. After refining, weapon will become both better in appearance and performance as they can become shiny and gain extra attributes.
    5)Extract: Players will get a lot of spare weapons or clothes they don’t need in game, and with this function they can make a good use of them by extracting important formula materials from them.
    7. There’s been some new bosses added. Can you tell us about some of them and at what lvls players need to be to take them on?
    As you know, pet synthesis is a big part of our game, in order to attract more players, we add more BOSS pet formulas in game which make more bosses possible to be tamed into pets.

    Gameogre: Can you explain how the Marriage feature will work in Fairy Story online and are there any benefits to being married in game?

    Fairy Story: Things needed in getting married include roses and rings, and before getting any ring, players have to collect enough ring materials from doing engagement quest. You can also exchange those materials with roses. All the wedding cost boils down to roses which you can directly buy from shop or doing quests. The marriage NPC is Bosom Sister in Sunshine City.
    After getting married, the husband and wife will both get a new ring which derives from their former ring. The difference between the new one and the former is extra constitution attribute has been added to the new one.
    Besides, players can gain at most three extra skills by the use of the wedding ring. They are




    Gameogre: Rumor has it that this month is jam-packed with special events. Can you fill us in on them?

    Fairy Story: Yes. We are always trying our best to bring happiness to our dear players. For example, there will be Trick or Treat from October 27th to November 3rdfor celebration of Thanks Giving Day. And also there will be Newbie Rewards. Let's hope and wait.

    Gameogre: What can we expect from Fairy Story Online in the future?

    Fairy Story: Still we are working on bringing more awesome pets and mounts. The highly-expected class war is about to meet players.
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