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Ffxiv Faerie server... FC (Lotus) recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Forum' started by Vidinfox, May 15, 2017.

  1. Vidinfox

    Vidinfox Ogre Newling

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    1. Hi guys new to Orge, I have been playing ffxiv since it came out on PS4. I am the recruiting overseer for the grand white lotus Free Company on the Faerie server.

      LOTUS is the most active FC on the Faerie server!!! We are constantly number 1 in the FC rankings.

      LOTUS welcomes all types of players. We have casual members as well as hardcore raiders. If you want a place that is welcoming, friendly and a family like environment LOTUS is the place for you!!! We have TeamSpeak and Discord, as well as a website. FC events happen on a regular basis and amazing prizes are given out to participants.

      If interested in a new place to call home on the Faerie Server join us in LOTUS.

      Contact in game Vidin Foxwind or message me here.

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